(Yellow Pages Directories) Scam

by on December 22, 2009 at 10:37 am

I hate crap like this. The term “Yellow Pages” is a generic, untrademarkable term as is the familiar image of fingers walking (see: wikipedia entry). So of course, it is used by tons of companies to dupe consumers (small businesses).

We regularly receive a calls from scam directories asking to ‘verify our information’. We also commonly receive letters like the one shown below. I found this one particularly annoying:

So, if you mistakenly fill out their form and mail it back, you get stuck with a $600 annual bill. If you fill out the sections marked “free”, you get charged an additional $170 a year (after the first year). The terms you are subscribing to are on the back:


And of course, after getting tricked into signing up for a paid listing on, businesses certainly can’t expect value from the service. Compete shows monthly traffic of only 3K to 5K users per month. That equates to an Alexa ranking of roughly 800,000. Even better, over 50% of the traffic is from India:

Of course, the BBB shows an A+ rating. (but we know how worthless those ratings are).

For future searchers, the return address and fax are:
Yellow Pages Directories
PO Box 111580
Carrollton, TX 75011-9895
Fax: 800 466 0607

  • Guest

    Got the same scam. Read the terms and shredded the document. IF YOU DIDN'T ORDER IT, READ IT FIRST!

    • Traviseallred

      I put my business listing on google yahoo and several other sites. When I got the yellow pages. Add I just assumed it was verification for something I had ordered. I can’t believe one of these scams actually got me. I will not pay them any money, nor will I take their calls.

  • T.L.

    I am guilty of falling to this scam, is there anyone that know what to do next? I got calls from them right after I sent it back in the mail, asking for money for the ad. I changed the info because we moved the business, but never because we wanted to pay for advertising with them. I get way more return on internet advertising rather than a book everyone throws away. Now I have been received these letters from their collection lawyers, pretty much I will be sued for the amount plus court and attorney fees if I do not pay the invoice. This is so unfair and very misleading specially since we have no business debt, we pay our vendors on time, but these people are complete scammers, using a 3rd party attorney to get us.

    • Moihoi300

      I have a same situation here also. I called the yellow page directories about my fee and they couldn’t find my business account so I called Law Offices of W.C. French.  He said his name is John Wein and he was keep asking me for the credit card number or check number so I thought it was suspicious. I asked him which yellow page directories is advertising our company and he said he doesn’t know. So I asked him if he can send me the document about that yellow page and he sends me a website ( Sender’s name was John Nguyen! My husband call “law office” and asked their address and the “secretary” said they don’t have one!! This is a total scam!! Don’t do anything!!

      • BGC

        Could you tell me whether this has affected your credit rating at all?  We have had the same experience with this company. Has anyone seen this listed on their credit report?

        • rwbdds

          I’m in the same position, very concerned about my credit rating also since my business isn’t even profitable yet! Help!

          • tg87s

            I fell for this 2 years ago and then I received a bill and phone call.  WC French Law Firm has been calling me ever since and I just don’t answer the phone or just hang up on them.  It’s a scam and have read blogs over the past 2 years.  Noone’s including my credit report has been affected by this.  I also have friends that are attorneys and they agree that it is a scam.  If they ever send out a small claims notice, etc. then I’ll bring it in to an attorney.  Otherwise, they can keep calling and wasting their time if they want to.  Definitely annoying though.

      • another

        I have the same situation with the Law Offices of W. C. French and even spoke with John Nguyen.  Has anything else happened since you wrote this?

      • Designyourfuture45

        Im in the same boat! What do it do? WHat did you do? Please help me :(

  • steve

    I just fell for this as well. Now they have a company called the Law Offices Of W.C. French calling me. They too appear to be a scam as they are a collection agency posing as a law office.

  • MLR

    I just recieved the same notice above and thought I would search it out online. What got me on the one that came to our office is It is our address, but the name of a Hosptial that hasnt been in buissness for 10+yrs with our Dr.'s name above that. I am so glad I looked this up. The sample of the notice above was great to refer to. Its just like what I got in the mail today. ty

  • yes,
    i just got this notice also. Since it was compiled from my business registration, it was mailed to my home mailing address. It just looked too good to be true. Thanks for taking the time to post this info.


  • Bebedoc

    Oh, this is indeed most frustrating!  I am getting invoices and late notices for a service that I didn’t intend to order. How do I get out of this? 

  • Rdgasal

    I got suckered in by a free month offer( and then I could cancel).  I can’t find a place to cancel and they are billing my credit card. Help!!

  • Scottman0

    It is a total scam and I fell for it. They sent it to new companies only. They get you to think that you’ll be in he yellow pages and you’re not. I wrote them a check and cancelled the service. Big scam.

  • Erik R Foster

    I couldn’t believe it when they started sending me collection notifictions…. I agreed to nothing. I am currently battling them.

  • MANEsolar

    What a SCAM!!! What ever you do, DON’T pay them!! You just keep the machine moving. We need updates on this scam.

  • Designyourfuture45

    Im fighting them to right now! I dont know what to do though :( Some one PLEASE help me… 

  • jadapotata

    I got this SAME exact paper in the mail. Glad I knew to look it up first. I hope more people will do that in the future to avoid this scam.

  • laura moseley

    Yea I am getting phone calls from the law offices of James A. West for $327.00. I wish someone could stop them from scamming people.

    • Summer Van Schouwen

      When this happened to me, I didn’t want to just ignore it, I wanted to get even with these horrible people. I filed complaints with the state attorney general and the FTC. When a lawyer contacted me to collect, I filed complaints on HIM. He actually replied to the BBB complaint I filed, giving me all the info he had which included a photo copy of one side of a contract with what was supposedly the terms completely unattached. I got another collection attempt from him after that, so I filed a complaint with the bar. I argue that the contract is invalid, which has held up in court numerous times as these scammers have been sued in many states, and that because the lawyer can see that, he is aiding criminal activity. The bar did not agree, but any complaint like that is serious to a professional, and neither the the lawyer or fake YP company have tried to contact me since.

  • Jose

    My name is Jose and I’m the Customer Service Manager at the
    above mentioned company. I’m sorry to see we haven’t met your
    expectations for satisfaction and quality service. We’d like to resolve
    this issue with you. Please contact me directly at 855-784-8379.

    • Jamal

      Yes, we got same notifications from James A. West P.C. to pay $327.00. But we did not get any services from Yellow pages. Could you please stop this kind of activities.

    • Lana

      Jose, you are a scammer, you do not provide any service and you make money by tricking people and ripping them off! What a POS you are!

  • sam

    I paid the bill and immediately cancelled my services thats the easiest way out

  • Ann

    The BBB now shows a rating of an F for this business, they have had 147 complaints or so. If you have been scammed by this crappy company as I was, complain to the BBB by going to I am fighting this right now, I will not send them a check!

  • LEVI


  • LEVI


    • DrSummer

      I actually ended up getting collection calls and letters from an attorney’s office. I filed a complaint with the bar. My reason was that the company had an FTC judgment against it for fraud, so this lawyer was helping their client perpetrate fraud. Never heard another word from yellow pages or lawyer. :)

  • namita

    Thanks for posting the article about this kind of scam. It is really going to help people on dealing with these kind of calls or faxes.

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