Getting a Same Day Passport

by + on March 28, 2008 at 6:53 pm

Despite what airline agents will tell you, it is pretty straightforward to get a same day passport.

A few things you should know:

  • The search results are polluted. Most of the ‘passport-expediters’ will slow you down / make it impossible to get a same day passport.
  • You have to make an appointment. From what I can tell they don’t hold you to the exact time. The appointment process is really just to keep the riff-raff out. Update: Some readers have been able to get a passport with out an appointment. YMMV.
  • Your passport has to be processed at one of the Regional Centers. If you can’t get there in person, you’re not getting a passport the same day. The expediters all require you to ship stuff. These centers are:
    • East Coast: Boston, Miami, New York, Norwalk CT, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Portsmouth NH
    • West Coast: Los Angeles, Honolulu, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego
    • Middle: Aurora CO, Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, Tucson AZ
  • It takes 3-5 hours to actually make the passport. Take the earliest appointment you can get. You can’t count on just stopping by the office, standing in line and then heading to the airport. My appointment was at 8:30 AM. I got my passport by 2:15.

The process looks like this:

  • Make an appointment. 1-877-487-2778. This is number is an automated service. It is available 24/7. We found a minor bug in the system since our home address was in Seattle, but we needed to visit the LAX center. So, we used the zip code of our hotel at LAX. They apparently help people 7 days a week (except federal holidays). However, they don’t publish their weekend hours, so it isn’t clear how open they really are.
    • Do this immediately.
    • Take the earliest appointment available.
  • Get passport photos. No, they don’t do this there - mind-boggling. Many 1-hr photo places can do these. I got mine at CVS (look for the ones with ‘1-hr photo’). Walmart does them as well. Call ahead if you are going to go to a 24-hr place like CVS or Walmart - they don’t always have people at the photo labs. It costs about $10 and takes 5 minutes. Updated: Feedback from visitors strongly favor getting photos taken at Kinko’s as their photo facilities are always running when the store is open. CVS closes their photo lab during some off-hours.
  • Show up, fill out forms. Pay. It cost me $220 to get mine.
    • You need to prove US citizenship and you need to prove identity. The identity part is straightforward (you can even have someone testify that it is you). Apparently the only way to do this is with a birth certificate or passport. If you had a prior passport, they can look it up in their system. However, they charge you $60 for the ‘research’ (it takes 2 min).
  • Come back later and pick up your passport. They’ll give you a time to show up. Get there as early as possible.

The State Department website is reasonably useful as well and should be used as your primary research. I find it amusing that they feel it is necessary to include this statement:


Updated Dec 2010:
Wow, 150+ comments! That makes it kind of hard to navigate the responses. There is some awesomely helpful experiences layered in the comments. I’ve gone through all 150+ comments and grouped them by passport office when one was mentioned (I only grouped helpful experiences). If you’re interested in experiences specific to one passport office, please visit the relevant page below:

  • Why don’t Passport centers take Passport photos? – Dave Naffziger’s Blog

    [...] BTW, my collection of lessons learned is here: Getting a same-day passport [...]

  • DAP

    Thanks for the info. we are traveling in Feb. 2009 and I want to get our passports the same day. You said it is around $220.00? Wow that's alot when it more than one in the family.

  • Dave Naffziger

    Yeah. They hit you with a lot of fees… If you can plan ahead, I'd
    highly recommend it.

  • Dalisis

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE DETAILED INFO! I am travelling tomorrow actually, and I came across this this morning. Make an appt this morning for 11. My new passport would be ready @ 3:30. :)

  • unknown

    Thanks David, This is exactly what i needed to know.

  • Ray

    Hey David,
    First thanks for the helpful info. I do have a couple of minor questions. Can I pay with a personal check? Why was the fee $220? We site specifically states $75 and $25 for a total of $100? Can you be specific as to what other fees you incurred? I will have all necessary other documentation btw.


  • Dave Naffziger

    I don't know about the check. The extra fees involved charges for
    'verifying my identity' since my old passport had another tear and
    then some sort of a rush charge. Still, you'll have to talk to them
    to figure out all the costs.

  • Kate

    Thank you for the clear, concise information. It is hard to find online about this subject.

  • Neil

    I did this in Boston was well. Arrived at 9AM with confirmation number photos and docs to prove citizenship and travel, and lined up with the crowd at 4PM to pick up the passport. Almost no hassle at all actually.

  • michele

    This is exactly the info that I needed. Thanks – I could not find it anywhere else clearly on the web!!

  • Gabe

    I missed my flight last night because of an expired passport. This morning I was first in line at the new Detroit agency without appointment, was in there for a whole 30 mins. By 12:30PM I have the new passport and the new passport card in hand! Make sure you have everything you'll need, especially the passport photos. Also just a tip, print out the DS-82 form and fill it out before you go, that may save you time from filling it out there. You can get sameday passports at any passport agencies on not just the 14 listed here. So check for latest Info. Lastly all these agencies are by appointment only! However, if you have an emergency with proof (in my case my boarding pass) they will take care of you anyways. Good Luck!

    Here are the breakdown of what I had to pay in which I think is VERY reasonable for last minute service:
    Passport Photos: $8.47
    Expedite: $60.00
    Secuity Surcharge: $20.00
    Passport Book: $55.00
    Passport Card: $20 (Optional, I just got it cus I also goto Canada often)
    Grand Total: $163.47

  • Gabe

    Just a supplement, Northwest charged me an extra $350 to reshedule my entire Euro trip. So I guess in the end my mistake of misreading the expiration date on my passport cost me a lil over $500 and a day off my long needed vacation. Good luck to anyone else with this problem!

  • Janique Designs

    Thanks soo much- I was so worried when i called last week – exactly 15 days before travel- and they gave me an appointment for 4 days before i am leaving. With that appt being on a Thursday. This blog helped calm my fears tremendously. The only part i wonder about is, in what case would they require more documents?

  • Dave Naffziger

    I'd expect that if you didn't have an existing passport, they would
    require proof of citizenship, etc.

  • ahk

    what to do if you cant get an appointment ? will they take you if you have an itinerary showing that your leaving this weekend – with an expired passport. But just realised it , luckily before going to the airport .

  • Dave Naffziger

    I'm not sure. I've not heard of anyone not getting an appointment, but I'm sure it could happen.

    Yes, they should take you with a flight leaving this weekend.

  • Gabe

    Depending on how busy they are I guess, I went in without an appointment and just showed them my boarding pass and they took me immediately. I was also first in line and got there an hour before they opened.

  • Randy


    I have an appointment Aug 4, 2009 at the Detroit regional passport agency. Can I pay the passport fees with a credit card at the Detroit agency ?

  • Dave Naffziger

    I was able to pay by credit card.

  • Gabe

    Yes I paid with my Mastercard when I went.

  • Angie

    Thank you so much for this information. I called for my appointment. They gave me a Friday @ 1:30 slot and I leave Saturday afternoon. It's reassuring to read that I can get my passport the same day.

  • Eric

    Makes me feel much better. I have an appointment tomorrow in LA and I leave Friday. I was very worried they would not issue same day so this put me a little more at ease.

  • Rose

    Thanks for the tip, this really helped me a lot. I went to the NYC passport agency last week, submitted my paperwork, but the idiot at the counter lied and told me they don't make the passports there and I'd have to wait for the mail. This was only 7 days before my flight.
    3 days before my flight (today) I called and they put in an emergency 72-hour expedite (didn't cost extra) and I had to go back to the passport agency and pick up the passport. Don't let this happen to you guys.

  • Matt

    I got my passport when i was like 15 and now its expired, so i need to make an appointment to get a new one. I need to get it same day because im going to Canada on the 1st, I need to bring proof that i need to leave within 2 weeks. Can i show them a hotel reservation or does it have to be itinerary? Also will they be able to see if i have traffic warrants or anything like that an not give it to me? let me know asap please

  • Jade G.

    We are travelling in 5 days and my toddler son's passport hasnt arrived yet, we applied 1st week of August so thats like 12 weeks ago.. I am thinking of going to the passport agency (Houston) on wednesday (3 days before travel) which is around 3 hours drive from us, will they let us in w/o appointment?, We already have travel plans and stuff.. Im not sure if i should make an appointment since we are not gonna apply, just wanted to see what is going on with my son's application, the 877 number keeps telling me its still processing… Or can i re-apply for a same day passport even with my son's on going application? Im lost… help.. thanks

  • Dave Naffziger

    If you want a same day passport you MUST have an appointment. They
    should give you one if you are travelling in 3 days. I don't know
    whether the passport agency will be able to help with the prior
    application. It seems like you should go get a same day passport.
    However, I am not a lawyer and not a passport specialist, etc.

  • Allison

    This blog really helped. My husbands passport went through the wash and all info was completely legible so he assumed it would be fine. Well it wouldn't scan so the airline wouldn't accept it. This was on a Saturday night. I found this blog and called to make an appointment at the LA office immediately. The office is not open on Sunday. Though my husband's appointment was for Tuesday, he showed up at 7am on Monday and had his passport Monday by 3pm. We were able to leave that night. What I've learned is, if you question wether your passport my be damaged, don't take a chance, get a new one.

  • Layman

    This was one of the most helpful blogs I have ever visited. Saved us about $200 for the expediting service + $50 to $75 on Fedex + time on the phone + headache of waiting…
    I noticed on Wednesday night that my minor daughter's passport had only 2 months left and we are leaving next Tuesday for Europe – requirement is to have at least 6 months validity. Around midnight Wednesday got an appointment for 8.30am on Thursday at the Houston office. Got the pp photos at a 24 hr Kinkos and we were at the office at 8.35am – out by 9am. The officer asked us to pick up the passport on Friday 2.30pm. Just did…
    So, a big THANKS to Dave. Total cost: $145 at the office + parking and photos ($14). Time spent: 30 minutes (about 20 minutes at the Agency on the first visit and about 10 minutes today for pickup. They take all major credit cards (no extra fee) at the Passport office. And, do remember that if you are getting a passport for a minor, BOTH parents have to be present and a few other specifics – all very clearly listed out on the Govt site.
    IF you live near a Regional Center – DON'T waste your money with an expediting service.
    Thanks, Dave!

  • Dave Naffziger

    Awesome, I'm really glad it was helpful. There sooo much info out
    there about expediting centers that the actual information necessary
    to do it yourself just gets lost…

  • passport expired

    doing this monday !0 am. was supposed to leave tomorrow morning @ 5:40 AM!! expired passport and realized it only 2 hours ago. thanks for all the help. been searching web for two hours and couldn't find info to help me. husband and 3 kids going to aruba without me. i will renew passport monday and fly out tuesday am. flight already booked. cross your fingers and thanks for all the info!!

  • Chad

    You rock Dave!
    Question: Are they concerned about the REASON for expediting? Does it matter if you are travelling for leisure versus business? Much quicker than expected, my wife was approved to take her Citizenship Oath a couple weeks before our planned and paid for Christmas vacation to a warmer clime….We had anticipated this to happen AFTER we returned, but Immigration was much faster than expected. As such, the new citizenship requires a passport, as the green card will be returned…all 5 days before our travel! Did you gather from your experience that they cared whether it was for vacation or something less 'important' to a holiday grinch that may be our processing agent? Thanks again!

  • Dave Naffziger

    Nope, I don't believe they cared at all.

    Have a great trip!

  • jessi

    what is the website ? and the address of the agency.. thanks

  • Erika

    I missed my flight from ATL to Johannesburg last night because I didn't have enough space in my passport for a full page visa stamp. I am now back in my point of origin – Miami – waiting for the passport agency to open Monday morning so I can get more pages put into my passport. So my question to you – the passport agency website says I can only go to the agency with an appointment. The next available appointment is next Thursday. If I show up Monday morning at 8 am when they open, will the Miami passport agency accomodate my emergency situation? I can't talk to a representative regarding the issue as they are closed on weekends.

    Please let me know – any help is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

  • Mrudula

    I am waiting for my daughters birth certiifcate to arrive this week from the country she is born (thats the only document we are missing). I have appointment on Dec 21st, next monday at San Francisco agency. We are leaving on Dec 23rd early morning. Is 21st and 22nd enough time to get a passport for brand new passport. Thanks Dave, I started to calm down after I found ur site.

  • Dave Naffziger

    As long as the passport agency knows you will be traveling immediately afterwards, then you should be able to get the passport the same day.

    Have a great trip!

  • Erin Bates

    Hi. I am traveling to Mexico this coming saturday, and I was planning on going to the LA federal building tomorrow morning to renew my passport in person.

    I have a friend who was in the same situation a few months ago, and is almost sure that she didn't make an appointment. she just showed up, waited in line, showed them her itinerary and got her passport within 2 days.

    I just called the help line, and they said it is REQUIRED that you have an appointment and that they will ask me to leave if I don't have one.

    The only thing is, the next available appointment time is the day before I leave.

    My question is, is it REALLY necessary to have an appointment in LA to renew your passport? Is it worth my time to try and show up early tomorrow morning and wait in line even if I don't have an appointment until friday?

  • Erin Bates

    So this morning I decided to try my luck, without an appointment. I got there about a half-hour before they opened, and was one of the first people in line. At 7:00, they took the people without an appointment to a separate line, while the people with 7:30 appointments (the earliest ones available) went inside. Basically, if you were in line without and appointment, you had to show proof of travel within the next few days, and they gave you a ticket to go inside. From that point on, I was among everyone else who had an appointment. I only had to wait about an hour from the time I was in line at 7:00 until the time when I got my receipt for my passport. It cost me $160 total, but it will be done in 2 days.

    hope that is helpful for someone. Basically, they say you MUST have an appointment, but I think that's just to keep the number of stand-by's limited. If you can't get an appointment, you don't really need one.

    thanks for all of the information, Dave. Your blog was very calming.

  • Dave Naffziger

    Awesome, thanks for the follow-up. That is super-helpful to other readers!

  • Jack Hill

    While I can't comment on other passport agencies, I just went through the process in Philadelphia and I was AMAZED at how quick and painless it was. We needed a last-minute passport for our newborn daughter (1mo. old) and didn't have time to apply by mail. We made an 8am appointment in Philly and were done with all the paperwork at 8:20am. They gave us a receipt, and we came back to pick up the passport at 11:30am sharp, as promised. It honestly could not have been any smoother. Note: It goes without saying that you should have all your documents/photos in order and the application filled out before you show up. I'm very glad I found this blog — otherwise I probably would have tried using an "expediter" and gotten ripped off! Great site, Dave. Thanks!

  • Jason

    Great Blog!! I just found out today that I could go on I cruise Jan 2nd and did have not a passport. After a couple quick web search I found this and have a apointment in Minneaoplis on monday. I really lucked out on this one!! Thanks alot!

  • ime

    hi Im going to tijana on the 23rd i need my sons passport for that day i called the agency they said i need Prof that im traveling need a hotel reservation the problem is im visiting family at there home what do i do

  • fantalisa

    Thank you so much Erin! I had the exact same question, with almost the same scenario in that my appointment was scheduled the day before my flight. First thing Monday morning I'm going to do the same thing you did – go a half hour early – and then pray I can still go to the Brazil Consulate and get a Visa before Friday!

  • Mrudula

    Hi Dave,

    We got the passport yesterday and we are leaving tomorrow, wanted to thank you once again for being here to provide info and suggestions to people like me.

    For new readers, I went to SFO agency. Our appt was at 10.30am, we checked in by 9.55am, our number was 91. The number that was being processed was 33. They are pretty efficient, many counters to accept the applications. We were out at 11:30am. I requested if we can pick up the same day. The lady was nice and she asked us to come back by 3.00pm. We left the agency with passport by 3.40pm. You stand in line many times but its worth the effort as you get everything done in one day. Thanks Dave!

  • Dave Naffziger

    Thanks for the story. Have a great trip!

  • Lily

    I'm leaving to study in Paris next saturday and was going to pick up my student visa on the 5th when I lost my passport, so I made an appointment on monday at an agency in Boston. Would anyone know if they would refuse me my visa (even though it was already okayed) since I am getting it in my new passport?

  • Ray

    Let me begin with a few words of praise: this blog is an island of critical information in a sea of confusion! I discovered my passport was missing a bit after midnight before a 6 pm departure: without this blog I would not have made the plane. My experience was with the LA agency, but seems largely similar to others posted above. A few thoughts on my experience as they integrate those posted above: 1) If you are within 24 hours of departure you might not be able to get an appointment by phone. I called on the 11th and the next available appointment was on the 15th. Do call to see if there is one available but you may, like me, need to proceed without an appointment. 2) Get pictures. My experience was that CVS, while open 24 hours, had nobody to take the pics until 9:00am. 24 hour Kinkos (thanks Layman!) shot my pics at 5:15 am. 3) Get there early (thanks Gabe & Erin Bates). I arrived 1 hour early and was 2nd in line. I was processed before 9 am, had the passport at 1 pm and was on the flight at 6 pm: from panic to passport in less than 13 hours. In summary, to get a passport if you cannot get an appointment before your scheduled departure:

    1) Find out when your nearest agency opens and plan to be there – documents, pictures and payment in hand – at least an hour early. The opening times can be found on the State Department website.
    2) Find the nearest place to get your photos made (CVS, Walmart, Kinkos). Confirm by phone that they can make the photos at the time you need them made.
    3) Assemble documents. a) Fill out the application form. You can do it at the agency, but doing it before hand saves time and reduces anxiety. b) Proof of citizenship and identity. Dave's summary at the top of this blog is good. c) Proof that you are about to leave the country (e.g. boarding pass or ticket receipt with departure information).
    4) Execute: get photos made, go to agency and get in line early, return to get new passport, go to airport.

  • Dolly

    hi my name is dolly and i need a passprt before january 17 i will be going away for winter vacation. please contact me as soon as you can and explain all the details for me. as i see everyone was charged diffrently in the comments review?

    thank you, awaiting for your reply.

  • Andrew


    Thanks for the info. This is great. A few points to add for those around the D.C. area:

    (1) Appointments – they (the U.S. State Dept.) say you absolutely positively need one and lines of walk-ins (w/o apptmt.) no longer form. I called the automated line a few times throughout the night. The first appointment it gave me was like five days out, so I just kept calling back, and eventually I guess someone cancelled or something because I got an 8AM appointment the following day.

    (2) Photos – similar to others on here, I've had the experience that CVS photo labs, even if the store they are in is open, do not operate 24 hours. FedEx/Kinkos is the way to go for photos.

    (3) Time – bring a book to the processing center, and expect to be there for an hour or two. This is, after all, the federal government.

    That's it. I got my passport less than 24 hours after I found out I needed it. Expediters take 24-48 hours after they receive your documents, and they only submit info to the government once a day, each day at 9AM. So if you get your stuff to the service after 9AM, don't expect your passport within 24 hours, no matter what you pay them. Follow the steps above, avoid the headache and the expediting fee, and enjoy your travels!!

    Thanks again Dave.

  • Dave Naffziger


    Awesome, detailed and super-helpful writeup! Thanks for sharing this
    - it should absolutely help future readers.

    Enjoy your trip!


  • jessie

    great info!
    dave, dont know if you can answer this, but you commented on the fact that someone may be able to get a passport, without going to an appointment at the 14 agencies provided on the state travel web site. they still only show the 14.
    we leave in a week on a cruise, but live 6hrs from the closest agency. we dont really even need passports for it, because its western hemisphere and leaving and returning from the same port, but its really recomended to, and would feel better when going to have them.
    if we have to drive, we will, but just checking to see if you knew more about whether there is something we can do that doesnt require us to travel to chicago?
    thanks. jessie

  • jessie

    dave, looking back, i saw it wasnt you who posted that comment, but if you did happen to know any info, it would be helpful.
    thanks. jessie

  • Garrett

    Bless Dave and all that have posted on this topic. At 12:15 a.m., early this morning (a Thursday), we discovered that our five year-old daughter's passport had expired; we are scheduled to fly to Jamaica on Saturday morning, so we have two days to fix the problem.

    We called the automated passport appointment system and could not get an appointment for our local office (Norwalk, CT) until Monday morning — too late. I hit the Internet and found this blog, which suggested that we try showing up without an appointment. My wife filled out the necessary forms and got minimal sleep as I searched the 'net for more options.

    We rousted our girls out of bed early, got passport pictures at Kinko's (based on the suggestions made here) and showed up at Norwalk an hour before the 9 am opening time. It was a good sign that the security guard put out two signs, one that designated a line for people with appointments and one for people without. If the office was not going to let in folks without an appointment, why have a line for this purpose?

    We were first in the non-appointment line. The office opened at 8:45 and the guards let in everyone with an appointment, regardless of the time. So, there was a time at about 9:35 when the only people entering the building were folks with 10:00 and 10:30 appointments. The guards let them in before us, even though we would not have delayed them beyond their appointment time. The guards' attitude was that people who were organized should have a preference. You got the sense that the guards saw the appointment getters as rule followers and those who did not have them as disorganized — a perspective that was . . . fair and on target, I'm embarrassed to admit.

    Finally, we got let in at about 10:15, my wife waited in line for preliminary processing (a check to see that we had all the necessary documents), then sat with a group in a DMV-like seating area. She was called for the renewal transaction and we were done at about 11:30. We have to pick up the passport tomorrow at 12:15; we were not entitled to same-day processing because our flights were more than 24 hours away. Annoying, but we will be able to travel.

    The lessons we learned:

    - Never be in this situation again; renew well before a trip;
    - Deal with the fact that folks with appointments will get preference over you, even if they show up ridiculously early for their appointments;
    - It is possible to get a passport on an expedited basis without an appointment, you just have to be patient and understanding of the pecking order;
    - Respect the staff that work at the office. They have a process for dealing with chaos and folks in stressful spots. Even if their approaches regarding who gets admitted first may appear heavy-handed, they truly want to help people make their trips.
    - Have all your documents completed before you get to the office, it can let you leap ahead of those who have entered the building before you.

    Thanks to Dave Naffziger and all who posted; you saved our vacation.

  • sebastian

    At SF passport agency you do not need an appointment if you say you're leaving in less than 14 days and provide a copy of your itinerary…

  • Michelle

    Hi Jason, How long did it take to get your passport when you went to the Minneapolis agency? Did you get it same day? Thank you.

  • Alice

    i will have an oath on 2/19 and i would leave for asia ( visa is needed too) on 3/1/10. i might have to call 800 # to make an appointment to get the visa on time. Otherwise i have no way to get both passport and asian visa done in 9 days!

    thank you for your information.

  • Deanna

    My brother and i are going to a wedding in Vancouver, so we need to be there the night before, March 17th. I live in Seattle, so he's going to fly across the country to my house, then we'll drive the 3 hours into Vancouver. We both need passports, and given that it's only about 5 weeks from that time, and the first appt. we can get is the 23rd of Feb, I think we need to wait and try and do a same-day passport in Seattle. Can we show our hotel reservations in order to prove that we're to be in canada by that date? Can someone give a breakdown on the total fees, assuming that we get our pictures taken elsewhere?

  • James

    Just wondering – if I'm scheduled to leave in 2 weeks (that is, not enough time to go through the usual gov't circuits), can I still use this "same day" service? Or would my 2-week lead-in make me ineligible – is this service only for those who really need a passport in 24 hours?

  • Alice

    i came back! i made an appointment at 1pm on 2/19, went there and was advised i should pick up the passport on 2/24, any ways, good enough! cross my fingers! hope i can get it on time! thanks, Dave.

  • Dave Naffziger

    awesome! Thanks for closing the loop for the rest of us.

  • Chris

    God I hope this works at the MPLS location tomorrow. I have a flight to Honduras at 7 tomorrow (well there is a layover in ATL) but I swore I put my passport in my lock box but it isnt there. I have an appt at 10am but I am going to show up early and hopefully get the paperwork done before they call me… I dont know we will see!!

  • Alice

    i did the same, got a passport in 3 working days eventually. in LA.

  • Dave Naffziger

    Thanks for sharing your experience – it will help future readers!

  • kathy

    This blogged saved my life, well my trip anyway. Follow all this advice and you will get your passport. I live in the D.C. area so went to the regional passport office here, which was well organized, courteous staff, really an efficient place. I was first in line and was out the door in 5 minutes, picking up my passport 3 hours later and will make my five pm flight. Thanks to all on this blog who made my weekend of anxiety over this issue much more tolerable.

  • aaron

    Hi! Is it DS-82 that is required or DS-11?
    DS 82 seems to be for passport renewal by mail.. why is this form is being submitted in person?
    I just want to make sure I show up with the right passport! Thanks.

  • Dave Naffziger

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience and tips!

  • Jorge

    Thank you soooo much.
    I just did this the 5 of March at the Chicago location.
    It's a lot easier if you have all the paperwork done ahead of time.
    Have all you stuff organized in a folder for an even easier in and out.

    Just to let people know, they prioritize in this order.
    2.Earliest flight departure.

    So even though I was there at 7:50, I was one of the last people to get to a window. (@ about 9:45)
    9:00 Appointments went first. Then people that had flights on the same day, the earlier the flight
    the more they got moved forward. By that time people with 9:30 appointments began to show up
    so they went on ahead of me and a few others. At this point there was only 5 of us waiting (without an appointment)
    to get to a window.
    * Be nice to the security guards and the people inside the office and everything will go smooth.
    * Don't forget even though you show up at 8:00, the office don't open till 9:00.
    * Don't loose you patience because people are moving ahead of you, even if they showed up later than you. You will more than likely be in and serviced before 10:00 am.

    Good Luck

  • Lili

    I have two questions. One is the eligibility for the same day passport process whether it has to be within 4 weeks applying for a foreign visa, can it be 6 weeks or so. The other question is that I live in St. Louis, MO, the closest office is in Chicago, but I will go to LA this month, can I apply there instead of Chicago?

  • Shenelle

    How much did it cost you?

  • Helpless

    I need some help!!! Im so nervous. My flight is 3/31/10 and my appointment is 3/23/10. I don't need it the same day. And I don't want to pay $220 Im going to NYC agency! Has anyone went there and can I get it cheaper in less day like 3 or 4?

  • Dave Naffziger


  • Dave Naffziger

    I don't understand the first question.

    For the second question, yes you can apply in LA instead of Chicago.

  • Nina

    Thank you so much for this information. I was getting ready to pay an additional $350 to a place that said they would take get my passport to me same day. Even though I live in New York, I went to the agency in Boston because they were the only ones with an appointment and I am traveling tomorrow. They said that for people who have to travel that day or the next, they will typically accommodate them even without an appointment. The passports in Boston aren't ready until around 4pm.

  • Crissy

    My husband has an appointment at the Los Angeles Regional Office this Friday for a passport at 1:30. He has never had a passport before, and I am wondering what the likelihood is that he will be able to get his passport that day (my worry is that his appointment is too close to the office's closing time). He is leaving on a flight Sunday night to Canada for business and already has the flight booked. Is it likely that he will be able to get his passport on time for his departure?

  • Shane

    I just made an appointment via telephone at the miami location. I have had a passport in the past but it was issues 3 weeks before I turned 16. The reason I need the passport A.S.A.P. is that I am going on a cruise to the bahamas which only require the original copy of my birth certificate…come to find out I only have a copy of my birth certificate. So here I am.. my boat leaves this friday 4/9 and I do not have the original copy of my birth certificate nor a valid passport. Do you think they will process this renewal with a copy of my birth certificate and the original expired passport book in hand?

  • ashley

    hi okay so im leaving in about 12 days i have the form and all the documentation and have a appointment for the photos does all this information apply to agenices in nyc? and what are the fees for getting the book and card? this is my first time getting a passport so would my birth certificate and state id be good enough for identification? please help!!

    ps this blog is great and extremely helpful!

  • Dave Naffziger

    When I got my same day passport, my existing passport was ruled
    unusable because of the 'slight' tear on the cover. Since I had a
    prior passport, they were able to look up the record and verify my
    identity. They charged me $60 for this service. I would expect
    something similar.

    Regardless, I would still call them and confirm that they will grant
    the passport with those documents, verify fees etc.

    Let us know how it worked out to help future readers.

  • Dave Naffziger

    Yes, all this should apply regardless of the agency you used.

    The fees I paid are listed in the above post. That was a few years
    back – it might be different.

    According to this US State Dept site:

    An original birth certificate and a driver's license should be
    sufficient (make sure you bring a copy of the driver's license).

    Please let us know how it works out!

  • tati

    what if you have no proof of travel? im driving to canada with some friends, is proof really necessary?

  • Dave Naffziger

    They did require proof of travel when I visited. However, the
    requirements were pretty minimal – I think even a hotel receipt
    counts. Maybe find a fully refundable hotel?

  • Angela

    I’m traveling in 2 months but I don’t wanna do the regulaR process because I heard it takes months to get a passport around this time. If I take them my flight ticket would they still give it to me rthe same day even tho I’m traveling in 2 months ?

  • Lucy

    I just got back from getting my passport from the New Orleans PP agency. This websit is extremely helpful! I am one of those people who get really skeptical about these types of sites but it truly is helpful.
    I filled out my forms, got my photos made, and was in and out of the passport agency in less than 20 minutes and could pick my passport up the next day at 11. Make the earliest appointment possible! It will definately be a stress and anxiety reliever! The total cost of my passport was $160 which was for the actual book, processing fee, and to "expidite" it.

    Thanks again!

  • Amanda

    The government's automated appointment system doesn't work for me (877-487-2778). I followed the prompts, but it never lets me make an appointment. It just keeps giving me information about what documents to have, etc. Anyone else experience this?

  • Ricardo

    Hey, Ricardo here. This is really helpful. A few questions,

    1. If you have a lost passport can they handle that there as well via appointment and reissue a new one then?
    2. If you have a family (myself, wife and daughter) do you need to make three appointments for the same day under each person's name?

    Thanks! Ricardo

  • ABE




  • Jessie-lee

    i need to get my passport on the same day do they do back round checks on the same day

  • Dave Naffziger

    They do everything necessary to issue the passport on the same day.

  • Jim

    I am flying to Guatemala early tomorrow morning, and as of this morning I had no personal passport. I went to the New York Passport Center this morning (Monday) at 7am and was 12th in line, even though they open at 730am. Amazingly, by 830am they processed my application and told me to come back at 10am to pick up the passport. No problems at all!

    Details: I used my official passport to get the new passport, so they were able to pull up my info readily. Also, I filled out the lost passport form there with no issues. Total cost: $160.

  • Dave Naffziger

    Thanks for posting your story – this is super-helpful to new readers!

  • marwan salem

    hi Dave,
    my mom is sick and she lives overseas. My oath ceremony in on the 15th of july in los angeles.
    also my flight ticket falls on the same day: 15th of july at 5pm.
    is there any way i can make it? whats the phone number to call?
    thank you.

  • Dave Naffziger

    I have no idea whether you'll be able to make it, but it is certainly
    worth trying. You should see the number in the original post.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you

    do you mean the federal building number?
    Is there any other place that make the passport the next day so within24 hours and costs $220?
    Thank you again Dave

  • blog reader

    Went to Boston at 6.45 am .. i was the only one there till 7.30. My flight was on saturday and the appointment was the following monday.. had all paperwork ready. There is a separate line for people with appointment and people without.. They gave me an emergency appt for 9.30 and asked me to come back at 9.30… but i just got back in the 8.30 appointment line :-).. the whole process over by 9.15am… payment was 160$ ;
    PS: IF you cannot verify your citizenship (lost birth certificate, naturalization cert etc), they can do a record lookup.. its an additional $60. They give you that form right at the counter if u need it ,,, so people who lost there citizenship papers DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY!

  • Luis

    Hey Dave,
    I am leaving to Dominican Republic on monday June 28th and i sent a expedite passport for renewal at the post office on June 8th ..they said it would take 2 to 3 weeks and it would arrive 21 to 23 of this month well now it is JUNE 25th a friday and it stilll says it is in process my lfight is monday and the only mailing days are friday and saturday and monday is my flight….what could i possibly do???? i cant miss this flight i paid exttra so it came before the 28th but its the 25th and it is not in my handsss UGHHHH ?!

  • Kelly

    You need to hear it again and then it prompts you to the appointment mode.

  • Kelly


    Like others, I love this website. Today is 6/25. I'm leaving for overseas on 7/9 and my appointment for passport is on 7/7 A.M. This is in LA. I need to renew and need new ones for my kids. Do you think this will be enough time? Do you think I should chance it by going earlier next week without appointment and try to get it? I'm assuming they will take 2-3 days, if I do it this way. Or should I just keep my appointment? I'm so nervous since the appointment is 2 days before my departure. Do you think this is plenty of time. I was considering using an expediting service too until I found your website.

  • Dave Naffziger

    I believe that if you have an appointment it should be fine. Just make sure that they know it needs to be processed that day (maybe confirm that they'll do that).

  • Russ

    Hello we sent in all of the required documents 5 weeks ago, for three passports.
    Our flight to Costa Rica leaves at 5am July 8th we have an appointment on July 6th at 1:30
    We keep checking the status online and calling daily with no new info. Our birth certificates and pictures
    are at the passport processing office. Can they retrieve the birth certificates and photos?
    I really believe they could and should allow you to follow the process and give you updated time
    to complete. They just want that extra fee .

  • Dave Naffziger

    If they have the records in their system, they can retrieve them and will charge you an extra fee.

  • BlueJersey83

    I owe this blog a post as it helped calm my nerves. I found out yesterday (6/29/2010) Italy requires your Passport to be valid 3 mo. past your date of return. Mine expires Aug 31 and I fly to Rome tomorrow (7/1). Passport call no. and website all say an appointment is a must, including the rep I spoke to from the 1-877-487-2778 call in number. Went anyway this morning, arriving at the NYC office at 6:30. I was 8th in line. At 7:30, security guard called out all with appointments, any appointments, and let them in first. Then we went in behind them. They give out a number and all are served in order of their number alone. I was number 23. Passport was granted and I was told to come back at 10 am. At 10, no one paying attention to appointments, just a line to get through security. Got my new passport at 11.Simple lesson is watch the math. It's summer, more travel emergencies, more folks showing up at the Passport office. If arriving at 6:30am gets you a Passport at 11, then arriving after 9am is probably not a good idea since the office closes at 3.

  • Shag

    I join the chorus in thanking Dave for this blog. Google is so full of advertising on this subject that I was quite lost until I found this blog. I went into the Boston authority this morning and was out in an hour. I just need to go back @ 4:00 to get my new passport.

  • need advice

    Ok, I have an appt. on Friday 7-9-10 for the office in Philly, But My question is if I go Tomorrow Thursday 7-8-10 will I be able to be helped? Any help or advice, will be greatly appericated! Thx

  • terriblelew

    Great blog. I don't normally comment on blog's but was so impressed with the info I felt I had to share. While packing on Saturday, we pulled out our passports and found mine had expired and my daughter's had only 2 months left on it. I frantically searched the web for companies that would expedite passports and ran across this blog. Tried all Saturday night and Sunday to get an appointment to no avail. Got up early Monday morning and hit the Philadelphia regional center at 7:15 am. We were about 6th or 7th in line. We were processed by 8:20 and retruned back at 12:30 to retrieve our passports. On a flight at 6:30 that night. See my next comment for tips.

  • terriblelew

    Here are a few tips. Make sure you have your paperwork/forms/documents completed. I had downloaded them and had them completed in hand. Make sure you get there early! They opened at 8, we were there at 7:15. After about 7:30 the line got really long behind us. On our way out, the security guard was speaking with another person who did not have an appointment or forms…she was told she may not be seen that day. Another tip – take multiple forms of ID (including ones with pictures). My daughter was 16 and because she only had 6 months left on her driver's license, they wanted another form of ID. I had taken other forms of ID but nothing with a picture. The agent really cut us a break and took a library card with no picture. Make sure you take your tickets and flight itinerary as proof of travel for that day. They do check this. The cost for both passports was $295.00. Thanks again for the info on this blog!

  • Dave Naffziger

    These are great tips, thanks for sharing them.

    They will definitely help other people out!

  • Dave Naffziger

    It seems that some people are able to get in without an appointment
    but you're mileage may vary.

  • need advice

    thx terriblelew & Dave for your help!!!!

  • Mike S.

    I just came from the Thomas P. O'Neill federal building in Boston. I had a 9am appointment. They do NOT issue the passport/passport card the same day at AT ALL. The gentleman who processed my application told me they are not permitted to issue the card/book the same day. Thank god I had an extra day in Boston or my trip to Canada would have been in jeopardy. They told me to come back tomorrow at 4pm. I should note that the Automated system put me through to an agent who also told me the card was issued "on the spot." Funny though, I thought 33 hours after the fact was "next day" or "overnight" service, at best. Definitely NOT same day…

  • Nathan

    Just successfully renewed my passport TODAY at the Miami regional passport agency. Left Orlando at 3am, got in line at about 7:30am (they open at 8). BTW, park at the big colorful public parking garage at 15th and 2nd, two blocks away from Biscayne… $5 for the full day (much better than street metered parking). There were about 40 people in front of us in the "non-appointment" line (I couldn't make an appointment because the next available one was after my travel date). The guard gave us all the spiel – no guarantees, etc. But they give out 40 numbers to walk-ups in Miami every day, so if you get in line early enough, and have all of your materials as many people have descd above, you'll get in. Today, for us, it was waiting from 7:30am to 11:30am to go upstairs, then an initial cursory look at my materials to make sure I wasn't missing anything, then being given a number and waiting a bit longer to have the application processed. The woman who processed the application was very kind, and said "you've come way too far to not get this today" and stamped the application with a "same day" stamp (oh joy of joys!). Then she told us to come back between 1:30pm and 3:00pm to pick it up. The Miami office closes the doors at 3:00pm. We got back around 2, waited another 2 1/2 hours or so, and got it around 4:30pm. Good luck future travelers in need, and thank you to those who shared their information here!

  • wil

    hi, im traveling to peru on august 2nd , and i did my passport thru the post office on june 26th , i havent got it yet and i call yesterday july 22nd and they told me to expedite it and that they do not guarantee it to come before august 2nd, now my question is in case it doesnt show by thursday july 29th should i go the next day to the regional facility? do u think i would get it before my flight? i paid 75 for the expedite . thanks im really nervouse about this , i dont know what to do!!!

  • Diana

    Great advice! We missed our Saturday flight because my daughter's passport had expired. We arrived at the Phila office at 7am today (Monday) with no appointment (they open at 8.) I had downloaded the forms ahead of time and had the requested original birth certificate, SS card, State/Govt ID, 2 small photos, old passport and travel itnerary. We were processed 2nd with no problems and returned at 12:30 to pickup the passport. So we will be on tomorrow's flight to Jamaica! Thanks for all the tips.

  • Bryan

    Thank you Dave and everyone else on this Blog. This little diamond hidden with all the other b.s. and lies saved my relationship and vacation!! lol After my first post,i kept calling the auto system and got a cancelled appt for 9am in DC, on tues. we drove thru mon night got there early, waited patiently had all docs, watched others sent home w out correct info, one trhown out for getting lippy with guard. was processed at 10am w a 3pm return, went shopping in Georgetown, and then waited 2.5 hours till 530, BUT got my Passport and drove home to pittsburgh. This blog was 100% dead on. They did take non appoinments and are very helpful, its a nut house in there, but smile, and be patient and youll be happy.
    thanks again Dave. we had a GREAT vacation!!!

  • arodr025

    Hello, first of, i must say this forum/blog was incredibly resourceful!!!
    Definitely has eased my nervous a bit.
    I was hoping someone could let me know if the Los Angeles Regional passport agency has non-appointment entry, because i cannot get an appointment before my departure and am leaving in five days!
    If anyone from experience can answer me, please do!; it would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!

  • Jen

    Thanks for this blog. I had a passport emergency this month, and this post convinced me I didn't need to use one of those expensive–and presumably risky–passport services. The Google search results are so dominated by those ads/websites, I was starting to think it was my only option!

    To help pay-it-forward, here's my update: My flight was on Saturday, July 10, and I called the LA office on Monday, June 28th for an appointment. The soonest I'd be able to get in for an appointment was the 8th, only two days before the flight. I was nervous that I'd be cutting it so close to my departure, but decided to stick with the appointment.

    I got there at 7:30 in the morning (office opens at 7 AM), and there was a short wait outside for people with appointments. (As it's been said here, everyone with an appointment gets in the same line, regardless of the time. Don't worry about showing up earlier than the specified time.) There was also a line for people without appointments, and it was about 30 deep by 7:30 AM.

    Once you're inside, you wait in another line where they check all your paperwork and ID (completed passport application, driver's license, birth certificate, 2 photos, and my flight itinerary). After that, you get a number and wait again. By about 10:45, I walked out with a slip that said to come back at 1:00 PM for my passport.

    You pick up the passport at an outdoor window, and when I came back at 1:15, there was a line. It was probably around 2:00 or 2:30 PM before I got in my car to drive home, but I had my passport in hand!

    Also, for what it's worth: I got through the front door around 7:45. By about 9:30 (while I was waiting for my number to be called), I started recognizing some of the folks from the non-appointment line in the waiting room. And they definitely asked for my proof-of-travel (flight itinerary). My departure time was in two days, and I was able to get my passport the same day.

    Hope this helps!

  • Peri

    I'm trying to get my son a renewal passport before we leave on Sat Aug 7. My passport and birth certificate have my legal name but my son's birth certificate has my nickname which I use for absolutely everything else – credit cards, lease, utilities, etc. (no driver's license). I was using an expedited service ITS EASY. I went to the Post Office and when I had to sign the application, I didn't know whether to sign my legal passport name or my nickname which is on my son's birth certificate. The Post Office person said to sign my passport legal name, so I did, but I think now I should have signed both. I have the sealed envelope but don't know whether to use the passport expediter or go to a regional office. I have an appointment at the Philadelphia office on Thursday Aug 5. But I live in NYC so I could just try showing up at the crack of dawn with my son. Any thoughts? Anyone ever in this situation with two names? When I got my passport, I did it in person at a regional office and they let it go by.

  • Laurie

    I got to airport this evening and discovered that (stupidly) I had let my son's passport expire 6 weeks ago. When I called the appointment office they said the first appointment was in 9 days and that there was no way I would be let in at the West Los Angeles office without an appointment. Should I try to go in the morning anyway? I'm so sad. I have been planning this trip for a year :(

  • Frank

    I am in NC. The next best appointment for expedited processing is 08/16 at the New Orleans regional ofc at 8 am. Got that confirmed.

    My departure date will be 13 days from the date of my appointment in New Orleans. I live in North Carolina. Will I be able to pick-up my passport that same day? If not, will they return it to me via expedited mail delivery or do I have to return to pick it up?

    Thanks everyone!

  • watsonsara

    To add my recent experience from August 2010…I realized Friday night my passport had expired, and we were traveling the following Tuesday. I tried to get an appt from the 24 hour line, but the earliest one they would give me for Washington DC, Philly or NY was a week away, so no help. I was first in line at the DC passport office at 6 am on Monday, with photos and itinerary in hand (it was a printout from the travel agency). By 7:30 they let us into the waiting room, and there were 100 people behind me. At 8:00 they opened and I went up to the first window and they agreed to take me WITHOUT an appt because of my travel deadline.

    My passport was ready by 12:30. So, to correct some other statements – not every passport office will do this, only the regional centers. Also they will take you without an appt if it's clear you have to travel right away (and it doesn't have to be life-or-death). CVS takes passport photos, and the DC office has several places nearby that take photos, so other regional centers may as well.

    And if all else fails – contact your Congressman. They can intervene if you're really desperate.

  • watsonsara

    This may be too late, but my experience from a week ago is that they WILL let you in w/o an appt if you can show you ahve to travel right away. So go on in.

  • Engin

    I am in NY. My departure date is August 24, and my wife applied with a regular application on June 29, 2010. It was supposed to take 4-6 weeks then she had received a letter says that she has to pay $5 extra(I do not know why) and sent it next day. I have been talking with customer service almost every day. as of today, people, including a supervisor, had told us they sent several messages to inform the passport agency to call us for the progress. I really do not know what to do! If you ever had a problem similar can you just post here ASAP? Thanks…

  • Engin

    Hi! I am from NY, and this is my second post after I found the way of getting my wife's passport. Here are details; after dozens of conversations on the phone with National Passport Center reps where is located in NH, I discovered a solution by this blog and a few close friends' suggestions. The same problem that my co-worker had and she just showed up early in the morning WITHOUT an appointment! So, disregard all of the Nat. Pass. Center supervisor's suggestions that say do not go to your local agency without an appointment. You need to show up very early(be the FIRST one). When officer start calling appointment times, inform your situation VERY politely and wait for his/her guidance, but still insist that you need to see the clerk inside. He will let you go to the line and if you can explain the front liners again politely; you must get your passport in 3 hours!(I saw this gentleman who asked politely everyone in front him and took the 3rd place WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT!) Do not forget previous documents which are needed to prove your RUSH! If you are already in system you will be called to the next window to have your passport very soon. Otherwise, clerk will look at your application manually from the files and give you an envelope that says date and the time of pick up letter. This is only if you are not leaving in a few hours, but still they let you know that you are receiving your passport until 4 pm that day. My experience should be an example to everyone who gets the same problem. Please, stop calling National Pass. Center and go to your local center! There is a fast and immediate solution there.
    If it's the first time





  • Dave Naffziger

    Thanks so much for the detailed guidance. This is super-helpful to
    future readers!

  • Gene

    Does anyone know or have an opinion about the possibility of getting a same day passport this Thursday in Chicago? I have to drive 500 miles to get to there and would like to avoid spending an extra night there. On Friday I need to get a visa from the China embassy, so i need the passport by the end of the day Thursday, or possible really early Friday. Any info would be apreciated.

  • Tom

    Just got back from the Miami regional passport office an hour ago. It worked like clockwork.

    We made the appointment 14 days ago, you can't make the appointment more than 14 days in advance. Our appointment was at 8AM, we arrived 10 minutes late (traffic). There were a few people in line ahead of us with appointments, and as many in another line without them. It looked like they were letting the appointment holders in first, but the non-appointments probably had no problem getting in from what I saw. We went through security after getting a lecture from the guard about cell phones and the fact that the center closed at 3PM, and that this was the Department of State (harumph harumph) and they were all business. Too bad he didn't seem to grasp the idea that they were there to serve us, instead of the other way around. Anyway, that part was relatively painless. We went through security and checked in at the appointment desk. They took the application, naturalization certificate, photocopy of identification, airline itinerary (flying tomorrow) and then made a copy of the social security card. They gave us a receipt and said come back at 2PM. All of this took a total of 30 minutes. We walked around the block a time or two, there are coffee shops and restaurants nearby, then got our car out of the garage and drove to South Beach for lunch and some people watching. We got back to the center at 1:15, they said the passport wasn't ready yet but then called us within 10 minutes and handed us the finished passport.

    If it wasn't for this blog we wouldn't have known about this. Nowhere on the Dept of State web site does it mention even remotely that you can get a passport same day. Amazing. Thanks Dave for this oasis of good info in a sea of confusion and commercial "expediters".

  • Iris

    Wanted to thank you for this blog. My son had his passport stolen from his car and is leaving for Mexico today (Tuesday). Found this blog on Saturday after calling every website imaginable and companies asking anywhere from $400 and up to get his passport for him on Monday (and being told it can only be done in NY and to be there at 8 am). Called the Philadelphia passport office on Saturday (literally walking distance from his home), got an appointment for 11 am Monday and walked out with a new passport at 3 pm for $160. So easy! There also seemed to be alot of people there who did not have appointments so I would suggest trying that too if you can't get an appointment.

  • CJC

    I am travelling to Niagara Falls Canada Side, but flying into Buffalo and driving over. I see the flight itinerary is required, but we are not flying into Niagara Falls due to costs. We are driving across the border. Any suggestions? Anyone have any information on showing up in SF without an appointment?

  • Enrique

    Hi :
    I just became a US citizen today, I'm travelling out of the country Monday 20th, beacuse of the Oath ceremony I couldn't get an early appointment. I have the appointment on Wednesday 15th eary in the morning. DO you think i'm going to be able o get the passport the same day ? On thursday or friday? What should I bring?

  • debbie

    i would make a reservation with a hotel near family and just cancel it before the date of the reservation. Marriott lets you reserve online, While sometimes they require cc info i have never been charged for a cancelled reservation, even when i cancelled the same day of reservation date after 12pm, site says will charge after 6pm same day so just dont forget to casncel it, have fun!

  • debbie

    i would make a reservation with a hotel near family and just cancel it before the date of the reservation. Marriott lets you reserve online, While sometimes they require cc info i have never been charged for a cancelled reservation, even when i cancelled the same day of reservation date after 12pm, site says will charge after 6pm same day so just dont forget to casncel it, have fun!

  • Bianca

    thank you for the information! i greatly appreciate the fact that you took your time to post this. You have answered my miracle!

  • She

    Thanks for the info. Because of this blog I saved 200 bucks AND I made my trip. I looked at my passport Saturday night and realized my passport was expiring in a few weeks. Passports have to be valid 3-6 months from expiry date for MOST international travel. My flight to India was Monday at 7pm. The passport offices are closed on the weekends, so I had to wait till monday morning.

    I called for an appointment on the automated service on Saturday night and got an 830am appointment at the Los Angeles office. I showed up at 7am and the guard let me in early. I was out of the office by 815. The process was stress free. They told me to come back at 1 pm to come pick up my passport. In the meanwhile, I got a relaxing hot oil massage, did some shopping and some praying that my passport would REALLY be ready. I got there at 1:15 pm and got my passport from will call at 1:17pm. I waited in line 2 minutes.

    Have your paper work ready!

    The passport office is only 30 minutes from my home. Luckily I live in LA. Thanks for the advice!

  • Dave Naffziger

    Awesome, thanks for sharing your story!

  • Alyson

    What other forms of ID could you possibly have with a picture on it other than your driver's license (other than Military ID, which isn't exactly handed out to the general public)?

  • Lorine

    I live in Ft.Lauderdale and my family and I are travelling on Tuesday morning we just discovered that are children's passports expired last month. After searching some web sites about the miami office doesn't accept walkins I am wondering what shall I do? Should go anyway on Monday?

  • Mccomas333


    Thanks for the information that you have posted on here. I just have a few questions if you have a few minutes to answer.

    I want to go to the Los Angeles Office on Wilshire and went to set up an appointment over the phone and it seems they are available soon.

    Anyway I want to fly to UAE to teach there. I have been accepted to teach, now they are asking for my passport. They pay for the airline ticket and visa. But in order to get my visa I need to have a passport. And they are wanting me to start Feb 3rd and need me to send the the passport info like this week or I will lose my job. Do you think that they will accept the letter from the school showing that this is something I need ASAP. Or do they need a plane ticket. I can’t afford to buy a plane ticket at this time. If they will not accept the letter from the scool do you think I should just buy the cheapest ticket out of the country just to show I am leaving soon?

    Also do you know if the price of the passport by appointment is the same as on the website for a new passport holder?

    I think its $110 + $25 and then there is a fee of $60 for Expedited Service

    so do you think its going to cost $195 or do they have an extra charge for getting it same day.

    Thanks for any help you might be able to help me with.

  • davenaff

    I think I’d show up at the passport office with an appointment and a
    letter and see what you can get done. I’d be willing to bet that they
    help you, but there is obviously a risk that they don’t. If it fails,
    then book a cheap ticket and try again.

    Please let us know how it all works out – the experiences of other
    travelers are invaluable to readers…

  • Mccomas333

    yes I will do anyway and let you know… did you know what they charge for the passport so I can get a money order?

  • Mccomas333

    yes I will do anyway and let you know… did you know what they charge for the passport so I can get a money order?

  • davenaff

    All of my data was from 2 years ago (you’ll see it in the post above).

  • Jenn

    Like everyone else here…. had a family vacation planned to Mexico and we were all ready to leave today. Looked at my son’s passport two days ago and discovered it expired 3 WEEKS ago! I about had heart failure.

    Thinking we couldn’t even go on our trip…. but my friend mentioned maybe you can get an emergency passport and then I thought aha! and then even better found this website. Luckily I live somewhat near Chicago and can get there rather easily.

    I live in far north suburbs of Chicago.

    My suggestions would be also:
    -called the second I figured out we could get a one day passport to make an appt and luckily they had one 11:30 monday morning
    -we rebooked our flight till tomorrow morning
    -take the train if you can ($28 round trip for me and my son- no parking necessary and no traffic but leave early)
    -we took the Milwaukee North Line out of Fox Lake
    -Union Station is literally 5 blocks from the Federal Building- we walked and took 10 mins- just make sure you go out the Jackson St. exit
    -Go to 230 S. Dearborn (corner of Jackson and Dearborn)
    -I showed up early- before they opened at about 8:45am and they open at 9am even though I had a 11:30am appt just to see if we could get processed earlier and put my mind to rest
    -You wait in a hallway up on the 18th floor
    -They start letting people in a little before 9am and get you moving quick
    -Have all paperwork in advance prepared since they will ask you for it all (birth cert, email copy of itinerary, passport photos, passport application -just downloaded off the website and completed)
    -Hand it over
    -They review and hand back with a number
    -Tell you to go sit and wait till you are called
    -Get called again and review paperwork again and pay ($160 for my minor sons)
    -Tell you to come back at 1pm to pick up the new passport
    -Shopped with my son on State Street for a few hours, went out to lunch
    -Picked up and out the door by 1:30pm
    -Back on the train at 2:30pm
    -Home at 4:15pm

    I would note that we were traveling the next day and not sure if you are traveling more than a few days out how that works or if you have to come back.

    Highly recommend get an appt if you can by calling that number- I was asked three times if I had an appt. But walk ins were also there and processed.

    Security guards were beyond nice and helpful. Knew exactly where to send us the minute we walked in. When we came back to pick up the passport- one guard even said “Wecome back!”

    I do think this process may be a well hidden secret for the small amount of people that were there on a Monday morning but what an absolute lifesaver and we are joining our family in Cancun tomorrow morning.

  • davenaff

    Wow, Jen this is awesome detail! Thanks a ton for sharing it! This will
    really help other travelers!

  • Louis

    I was in a serious pinch and *almost* used the expediting agencies to get this done and then I came across your blog. I’m not sure if you are aware, but there is now a Minneapolis office which I successfully used. In by 9am, passport at 4:30. If it weren’t for this tiny hit buried in the google results I would have been out $200 or more and may not have gotten to Mexico. THANK YOU!

  • davenaff

    I was aware of of the Minneapolis office, but I think you’re the first
    person to post about their experience! I created a Minneapolis page and
    added your comment.

  • Allo

    I have a question – I have somewhere to be later and my appointment is 830 AM on Wed. Is it possible to show up the next day on Thursday to pick it up in the morning? Do they allow that (if you happen to know! I would appreciate it)

  • Jenn

    Thanks for starting this blog as it has obviously saved many folks a lot of grief (and money)! So appreciate it!

  • davenaff

    The official line is that you have to be there on the day of your

    If you read through the comments, you’ll see that some people have had luck
    getting their passports without appointments. I think I’d try to go a day
    earlier rather than later, as it is just lower risk.

    On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 12:40 AM, Disqus <

  • Allo

    Thanks for your quick reply! Okay so I have made my appointment at the LA office for 830 AM Wed – I have a flight this coming Sunday. The problem is I cannot stay all day in LA to wait for my passport to get made – have you heard of anyone coming back the next day to pick up their passport? I’m not even sure if they will give me a same day passport since I need it Sun and not this Thurs. But if they do, I was wondering if you knew of anyone who returned the following day to pick up the passport.

  • davenaff

    I have heard of that happening, but I can’t point to any specific
    experiences people have posted. I don’t think it will be a problem picking
    it up the next day and I think your flight is close enough to justify the
    same-day process.

    Please let us know how it goes, so we can answer this question with more
    certainty in the future!

  • Allo

    I will definitely post after the appointment. Thank you for the help!

  • Allo

    Will not be going tomorrow; I called to confirm my appt & was told there is no confirmation number, which makes no sense. I confirmed Monday and thought it best to check tonight as well. I’m very upset but made another appt luckily for this week and hope it will get taken care of.

  • Anonymous

    First I’d like to say thanks for keeping this blog. The information and the comments were very helpful for me in obtaining a same day same day passports yesterday.

    I’d like to return the favor by sharing our experience at the New York Passport Agency:

    We arrived @ 7:30 for an 8:30 appt., there were approximately 15 people in line. Some in the line ahead of us had no appointments, but they were able to make their case and went inside. There was no separate line for those with appointments and those without, and best I could tell, the numbers were assigned according to who arrived at the window first. This was consistent with what I have read from the comments of others regarding their experiences in the New York office. Since it was only $30 additional, we went ahead and had passport cards made as well.

    However, we did have an unexpected problem. As a word to the wise, I recommend bringing your social security card with you, as you may need to present it. In our case, we submitted our documents, paid the fees, and were told to return at 10:00am per normal. However, shortly after leaving, we soon received a phone call stating that they could not find her social security info in the system, and would have to return with her SS card. Without the card, or a letter of proof from Social Security, they would not make the passport. Since her card was unavailable, we had to go to the Social Security office at Federal Plaza so that they would provide a letter of proof. This was accepted, and then her passport was made with the next batch for a 3:00pm pick up. Perhaps there was something we missed reading, but we were totally unprepared for this and we were lucky that we were able to get to Federal Plaza and back on time. When asked, what caused the problem, they stated the staff is usually able to verify people’s social security numbers in their system, but it happens sometimes that they’re unable. Had we been flying same day, we would not have made our flight. While this happened in New York, I suppose it is possible that this could happen at any of the locations where same day service is provided. For that reason, I’ll cross-post my comment in both the main and the New York sections of the blog.

    Thanks again, good luck, and happy travels.

  • Anonymous

    p.s. – The above experience took place on 1/20/2011

  • Tony

    I have an appointment for the MPLS office on Tuesday, Feb. 15th, but will be going in today in an attempt to see if there is someone that can help on a Sunday (worth a shot), if not first thing Monday and plead to let me in w/o an appt. My fingers are crossed.

  • davenaff

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

  • Tony

    Thank you! Just to update, the Minneapolis office is NOT open on Sunday. All doors were locked.

  • Anthony

    I have a current and valid Passport Card, but must obtain a Passport Book in order to travel to my destination. I will be heading to the Minneapolis Passport Agency tomorrow (2/14/11) morning and want to have everything in order. Can anyone confirm the form(s) that I would need to complete? I have a completed DS-5504 form. Is this the correct form or will I need a completed DS-11 form as well?


  • The Passport Expediter

    I wouldnt say all Passport Expediters will slow you down for a same day passport.

    User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    by Dale 12/15/2010

    Outstanding service from first contact all the way through the process of getting the documents ready, to passport delivery at my door on literally a moments notice! Eric called me every step of the way to “hold my hand” since we are leaving to Mexico with 4 days notice, and no passport! We are so relieved to know that our documents were in great hands and every step was relayed to us to assure us that our passports were processed and on time for us to finally take a trip we waited 25 years to take. Thank you Eric for answering your phone every single time we called you- without fail! Do you ever sleep? The thought of getting everything together at the last possible minute scared us, but Eric took all doubt away each time we spoke. Excellent followup! Outstanding service! Couldn’t recommend any better! Signed, Dale Sammann 12/15/09

    If you need a passport in a short notice I can help you. or call 24hrs 215-397-1135

  • Anthony

    Just got back from the Minneapolis Passport Agency.

    Story follows…

    I arrived at 7:45 AM and was one of three people standing outside waiting to get in. We were let in at 8 AM, passed through security and were told to head to the office. Two out of the three of us didn’t have appointments made, me being one of them.

    Because I had a valid Passport card, I had to complete the DS-82 form to apply for the Passport book. Along with the completed form, I supplied a travel itinerary, Passport card, official certificate of birth, and two identical photographs.

    Smooth process, I was in talking to the clerk by 8:10, and on my way out by 8:25 with a receipt and pickup slip in hand.

    I returned at 2 PM to pickup my passport, by 2:15 I was out the door with Passport in hand.


  • davenaff


    Great, I’m glad it worked out!

    Thanks a ton for sharing your story as well – this will be totally helpful
    to others in the future!


  • Insipidroustabout

    CORRECTION: I had sent an earlier detailed account of my experience for the NYC office. I accidentally sent my draft. I did not receive my passport at 10ish, it was more like 1:30pm the same day. I went to do Soho to do shopping and then came back to pick it up. Easy.

  • Insipidroustabout

    Sorry, looks like my original post didn’t make it. So here it goes again with the correction.

    Since Mr. Naffziger’s original blog post gave me so much confidence to pull this off, I wanted to also return the favor of reporting my experience today in successfully renewing my passport the same day. I will try not repeat what others have said, but will try to provide new insights.

    Date of visit: 2/22/2011 at New York City Passport Office 376 Hudson Street.
    Scenario: My passport expired last week and my flight is the next day.
    1. Don’t bring food. I had to throw away my bagged lunch and drink prior to entering the office.
    2. There are restrooms on first and second floor with water fountains. Hey! It was a cold day! I had to go several times, I’m glad they were there!
    3. People waiting in line were generally friendly since they’re probably going on vacation. Security guards were friendly and helpful too.
    4. Bring something to read. Cell phones not allowed for voice calls.

    Timeline: (I hope this provides insight as to what to expect.)
    5:55 am: parked car at Leroy and Greenwich St lot ($22 for 12 hours). Only 2 blocks away from Passport Office.
    6:00 am: got coffee and arrived at 376 Hudson St. It was <20 degrees with a wind chill factor. I was glad I dressed warmly! I was the first in line!
    7:00 am: security guards came and explained what everyone needed: 2 photos, fee money, itinerary, identification. They split the line into 2: 1 for people with appointments (about 10 people) and 1 line for no appointments (about 20, including me).
    7:30 am: people with appointments were brought in first, then followed by people without. Passed through security checkpoint and waited in line for the Information Desk.
    7:35-8:00am: "Information Desk": This person checked my documents and made sure I had what I needed. Everything was okay, I was given a print-out with a ticket number.
    8:00: Took elevator to 10th floor waiting room.
    8:05: My number was called, I gave my documents to the staff including the fees ($170) and was given a receipt. I was told to wait in the Will Call room where at 10AM they will start handing out passports by name.
    1:30pm: After waiting in Will Call to 11AM, I got hungry so went out the building and did eating/shopping in SoHo. Came back at 1:30pm with minimal line to go back to 10th floor Will Call to pick up my new passport.

    Again, like everyone has reported: take a deep breath, it's okay!!!!—–You WILL get your passport….just follow Mr. Naffziger's tips!

  • davenaff

    Wow, that is helpful. Great detail – the line splitting approach is totally
    new info and makes sense.


  • SNC

    Hey Dave. I just wanted to share my experience in getting a same day passport. I stumbled up your blog by chance through a google search and I will say had it not been for the tips and info posted by yourself and others then I would be sitting home crying and unable to go on vacation. My trip was planned from Mar 2nd thru Mar 11th. I noticed I couldn’t find my passport a few days before however, I fele like I would be able to locate it before I left. Over the weekend I searched high and low but to no avail. I contacted the toll free number on the NCIS website. After being unable to secure an appointment at the NY or CT centers I decided to heed the advice doled out on your blog. I went to the NYC office without an appointment on Mar. 1st 2011. I got there around 6:30 ish and was the fifth person on line. The earliest person got there at 6am and they had a 4 pm flight leaving out of JFK. The morning was cold and there was nothing else to do but pass the time the NY way. Lots of Bsing about life in the Big Apple. As 7:30 neared the line grew a bit long , maybe 15 people or so. Upon entering the building we were directed by the guards to go to the information window t ohave our documents checked and verified. Never once was their a question about having an appointment. Even though there were folks on the line that had appointments it was more of a first on line first up basis. I can’t imagine that being the case in the summer when it’s hectic.

    Once I cleared information I proceeded to the 10th floor to submit the paperwork. I handed everything to the agent, paid and received my receipt. Being that I was travelling early the following day I was given a 10 am pick up time. I would say that that is an open pick up time as they have people from a day or two before that may be picking up their passports then as well. I would say the turnaround time from entry to paying was under 30 mins. I returned at 11 am to pick up my new passport and had to wait a little. I waited about 2 hrs and then was called. I would concur that you need to have all your documents handy or you may not be able to make it up to the 10th floor to see an agent. Thanks again. And I hope this helps.

    Best regards,


  • davenaff

    Awesome, that is super helpful – thanks for sharing your trip details. The
    info about line length and arrival times were also super helpful. Have a
    great trip!

  • Barrpet1

    I am currently sitting in the NYC passport agency and want to share my experience as this site saved my trip. I realized on Friday night that I could not find my passport. I was supposed to leave on Saturday morning. Instead I had to wait for the NYC office to open on Monday. I was trying to make a 2pm flight out of lga. I had no appointment and showed up at 6am. I was the first in line. By opening, there was 20 ppl in line. This is a Monday. The guard separated the line before opening. All appointments went first, followed by no appointments. I was overall the 9th in line. Went through security and made it to the 10th floor at 745. By 8am I was at the window and got a slip that said my pickup time is 10am. Right now I am sitting at will call. As long as I get my passport before noon I am on my way. I will follow up with an update.

    Important things:
    Be the first in line if you have no appointment
    Bring proof of citizenship, picture id, two passport photos, and a filled out application
    I was not asked for it, but a social security card is probably a good idea
    I brought a birth certificate and drivers license
    The pricing is weird. Mine cost 195. I would bring at least 250 just in case
    If you do get an appointment for later in the day, show up before they open. They mix in the walk-ins and regardless of your appointment time you will be one of the first people in.
    GET THERE EARLY. I’m looking at the waiting room and there are now lots of people. Don’t chance. Even if your appointment is at noon get there before they open at 730.

    One poor guy was trying to catch a 11am am flight and it appears the earliest they hand them out is 10am. I don’t know if they made a special case for him or not. I will update when I have my passport.

  • davenaff

    Wow, great tips about getting their early. Thanks a ton for sharing
    the tips and advice!

    I hope you make the flight!

  • Taylor

    I just got back from the Washington (DC) Passport Agency a few minutes ago and I’m very happy and relieved. I was supposed to travel on Saturday but got to the airport and was told my passport expired last month (I was under 16 when I got the passport so I had to get an entirely new one). Nothing is open on the weekend but I called passport services and the earliest appointment I could get was for Thursday and I needed to get on the next flight Tuesday morning. I got in touch with my congressman (I’m from NJ) and he gave me numbers to call in case I ran into any problems. I got to the passport agency at 6:30 and the open the doors at 7:30. I was the first person there. By 7:30 there were only 3 people (including me) waiting to get in. However, shortly after 7:30 the office really started filling up with lots of people. They started seeing people at 8AM and I was first. I gave them my recently expired passport, my student ID, and a copy of my license since I didn’t have the original (I had a copy of my birth certificate, SS card, and school records just in case, but didn’t need them). What I gave was sufficient, I paid $195 to get my passport that day, and was out of the office by 8:05. I was told my passport would be ready at 2PM. I came to the office at 1:55 and was out by 2:30 with my new passport in hand. The people were very nice and absolutely willing to work with me even though I DID NOT HAVE AN APPOINTMENT. it all depends on what time you get there, they didn’t even ask people if they had an appointment, it was based on what time they arrived. GET THERE EARLY!!!!! I was very satisfied with how they handled everything and will hopefully be out of here tomorrow morning.

  • Klong1530

    I’m planning a trip to Germany in May, but don’t want to wait that close to try to get a passport/book a flight (I don’t want to book a flight without having a passport – I did it once before and I ended up not being able to go on my trip).

    I live in Michigan and was going to take a long weekend trip to Toronto. Since it’s earlier to drive there than fly, will the passport offices accept hotel reservations/itineraries as proof of travel or do you have to have a flight itinerary?

    Thank you!

  • Klong1530

    *meant easier, not earlier.

  • davenaff

    They told me that hotel itineraries are sufficient, but I haven’t
    heard from anyone that has tried to use it.

    Please let us know how it goes!

  • Warren

    If I arrive at the NYC office at around 10 as that is the earliest I can get there because of work, will I still be able to get the passport the same day as I have to be in Canada on Thursday. Any information will be helpful. thanks

  • davenaff

    Unless you have an appointment, I would think it unlikely.

  • Oumarz

    If your application is in the system…can going to an agency still work? My husband applied 12 weeks ago and we are supposed to go to Italy in 6 days and he still hasn’t received it.

  • davenaff

    I’d assume so.

  • Mainer

    I wanted to write in and document my own experience as a way of saying thanks. Without this blog and the commenters here I would have been in deep trouble!

    1) Please include Portsmouth, NH on your list of Regional Passport Agencies. They have been making passports there since 1992, but only opened up a service counter in October of 2010. They are located at 207 International Drive, Portsmouth, NH, 03801. The number at which they can be contacted is 603-422-0000. As you will see from my own experiences they have an efficient, cheerful, and all-around delightful staff.

    2) I made an appointment for Friday, April 8th using the automated system. It was quite easy, and Portsmouth’s schedule was wide open. I was able to get a 9:30am appointment even though I called late at night on Wednesday, April 6th.

    3) I filled out the online form (both DS-11 and DS-82 are easily accessible), which was a snap to complete and to print.

    4) I went to my local AAA office for passport photos (Kinko’s is also a good option).

    5) I printed out my electronic ticket and also requested a letter from my employer stating that I was flying overseas. This last part was more of a backup, just in case.

    6) I arrived at the Portsmouth office with the DS-82 printed out, my passport photos, proof of travel, social security card, driver’s license, and my expired passport. (N.B. If you are applying for a new passport then you’ll use a different form, but the process is the same). The office is in a large building near Pease Airport. There are no signs saying that the passport office is there, but there are parking spaces saying “State Department Visitor Parking” and the address (207 International Drive) is well-marked. There is plenty of parking.

    7) Security was thorough, efficient and friendly. I was in the waiting room about 2 minutes after I parked at 9:00am.

    8) There are three windows in the service area. One of the security officers directs people to the first window in the order in which they had arrived. I waited for about 5 minutes before being called to the first window, where all of my documents were briefly inspected, my driver’s license scanned and photocopied, my business ascertained, and from where I was then issued an appointment number. I sat back down and waited for another 15 minutes, at which point I was called to one of the other two windows. There I handed over my forms, identification and answered a few brief questions. I handed over all of my documents, and paid for the service with a credit card (checks are also accepted). Total charge came to $170. I was then told to return to the office at 4pm in order to pick up my new passport. The office manager also said, however, that if my passport was produced more quickly she’d be happy to give me a call. I gave her my cell number and left the office. She advised me to return before 4pm, however, as they close the doors promptly at that time. I had arrived at 9:00am and was leaving at 9:30am, with a will-call receipt and a pleasant experience behind me.

    9) After going into downtown Portsmouth to wander around (I live about 90 minutes from Portsmouth and it is a lovely town) and grab lunch, I went back to the passport office at 2:45, figuring it wouldn’t hurt to get there early and read rather than risk a last-minute delay and thus miss the 4pm deadline. As I was pulling into the parking lot I received a phone call from the office letting me know that my passport was ready. I walked through security, went to the first window immediately, and was handed my new passport and all of my documents (including old passport) after showing my driver’s license. This took all of one minute. I was on the road home by 3:00. Everything had worked exactly as I’d expected (and hoped) thanks to this blog. The Portsmouth staff was excellent: friendly, professional and very efficient.

    10) My experience was all the more impressive because I was there on Friday, April 8th, when a government shutdown was looming, so the office was swamped with people trying frantically to get passports before the Republicans flipped off the master switch for government workers. If you live in Northern or even Central New England, the Portsmouth office definitely is the place to go. It is much easier to access, and not nearly as busy as the one in Boston. Parking is free, the staff excellent, and everything works like a charm.

  • Oumarz

    Here’s an update to my post of not getting one for 12 weeks. We made an appt. at the Tucson agency at 9:30am on Thursday (before shutdown may occur with gov’t.) We arrived and my husband went to the check in window where he proceeded to explain how he already had an application in the system. They looked it up and saw that it was in Houston and in review. We would have to wait for someone to speak with us as they were in a meeting. 10 min. later a woman called us to the window and asked my hubby some questions, being arrested and he explained about an arrest. She said she would have to get in touch with Houston which would be about an hour. We left and headed to Starbucks. We got a call about 5 min out and she asked him what occurred on a certain date. He had been arrested a few years back for drug paraphenlia but it was set aside and dismissed. He never thought to tell them and it was not on the application. He explained everything to her and she said okay that’s what we needed to know. Houston was looking for any records of my husband to make sure he wasn’t on parol or wanted for anything. Since it was dismissed there was no record. The lady said to come back in an hour as they have to get okayed by Houston. We went back to the office an hour later and waited some more. Finally about an hour later we got called to the window and they said Houston has transferred everything over to their office and they were reviewing everything. They agreed to give us the passport but we had to come back at 2pm to pick it up as they needed clearance.

    We finally arrived at 2:25 as one of the guys said they ran late and to be back by 2:30 as they close the office at 3pm. They agreed to transfer the application money from Houston and instead of charging us a $70 expediate fee they agreed to waive it as we waited 12 weeks.

    This office was great. FYI: We also put in a call to our senator almost 2 weeks prior and our congressman a week earlier to try to help us. Tucson was able to see that both offices had called every day trying to find out what was going on. Then a few days before we came to Tucson the senator’s office got a hold of someone in Houston and Houston advised us to cancel our trip as they were still investigating. According to the congressman since he hadn’t heard anything he advised us to go to Tucson, thank goodness we did. Congressman was trying to get a hold of someone in Washington DC to help on this as well since Houston was being uncooperative.

    Since we got the passport on Thursday, congressman called on Friday to follow up with us and he said he was disappointed with Houston and was going to tell DC about this.

    There should be on an application asking if you have ever been arrested and when a person calls in the agency should tell you if they need more information and for what reason not that they are still working on it.

  • Portsmouth Passport Office – Getting a Same Day Passport – Dave Naffziger’s Blog

    [...] exceeding 150 comments on post detailing my original experience getting a same day passport, I decided to go through the comments and separate the experiences and helpful tips by passport [...]

  • davenaff

    Thanks a ton for sharing. I’ve added a page for the Portsmouth office and
    included your comment.

    Super-helpful post. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

  • davenaff

    Thanks a ton for the story. I added a page for the Tucson passport agency
    as a result!

  • Mlrh2008

    I thank every one for their helpful remarks on this blog.I’ going to fly on Wednessday. I found out on friday night that my passport is lost. I called the toll free number to make appointment for DC agency the earliest appointment was Tuesday which i took it anyways but I went there early on monday morning.Every one was very helpful. I was able to get my passport today. What a relief.
    Make sure you have appropriate forms filled out. Fee in most cases will be 195 for adults.

  • Zack

    I am headed to canada in a week for business and need a new passport. I have my birth cert., passport photos, and paper work for my passport book, but my wallet was stolen and only have paper CA driver license, and bank card with a photo…can I get my passport same day? Im in California

  • mc

    i just called that 800 number to make an appointment – i need a passport tomorrow as i cant find mine, and there were no appointments available tomorrow. i asked if i could go without an appointment, and she said i would be turned away. is this true? or is she just trying to discourage as many walk-ins as possible?

  • davenaff

    Many people have had success showing up without an appointment, but the
    experience differs by office. Get there really early and read the comments
    for your office …

  • Thomas

    I need to get my passport renewed in the Chicago office tomorrow for a 10 pm flight, but my appointment isn’t until 10 am Tuesday. Any hope of getting in? Any tips? Thanks in advance.

  • davenaff

    Get there well before the office opens. Good luck!

  • Thomas

    First of all, let me say thank you to Dave.

    This blog saved my life.

    And maybe my job.

    I showed up at the Chicago facility at 8:30. It opens at 9. When I got to the 18th floor,
    there were already about 20 people lined up.
    At about 8:50, they said those with appointments could line up on the
    left, with the rest staying on the right.
    I had an appointment. So if you
    already have an appointment, I don’t think it’s necessary to get there too
    early. They’ll give you your own special
    line at 9 anyway.

    In the space of about 10 minutes I had handed my paperwork
    to the person behind the window and was done.
    I had everything filled out in advance, which I’d recommend you do. It was supposed to be ready at 1. It was ready at 2:30. Other than that, it went smoothly.

    IMPORTANT: my appointment originally was for 10 am
    Tuesday. That’s the best I could
    get. Since I had to fly out the day
    before, Monday, I went down there hoping to get accepted as a walk-in. My sense
    is I could have gotten it done regardless, but I followed the advice of a
    poster on this blog saying to keep calling the automated line back if you need
    an earlier time, because people cancel.
    Sure enough, when I got off the train at 8:30 this morning to walk to
    the passport agency, I called the automated line one more time, and got an
    appointment at 9, right when they opened.
    I had tried 4-5 times the day before to move up my appointment without
    success, so word to the wise, it pays to keep trying.

    THANK YOU again to Dave.
    This blog was hugely helpful.

  • davenaff

    Awesome story. Thanks for sharing the details – it *really* helps other travelers. Glad you made your flight!

  • Poweredbydabrowski

     This pointed me in the right direction! Thanks for the info! This went very smoothly for me! Thank you for your advice and instruction, the seattle office folks are very nice! 

  • Guest

     Thanks for the info! My husband is coming home from Afghanistan soon but of course his arrival date got pushed, as they usually do. We’re finally taking our honeymoon a couple weeks after he gets home, which makes getting his passport harder each time they decide to push the date.

  • Monishajit

    so you do not need an appt for same day service at sf location?

  • Coin1978

    Does anyone know if at the Los Angeles offce they will see you if you do not have an appointment?

  • Li

    Hi, thanks for info. I just want to know, I will be naturalized on June 3 2011. Which means I will be applying for a U.S passport for the first time. My trip is on June 23. So normal processing time will not work. Does this agency accept expedited service for first timers also or just people who need to renew the passport. Thanks

  • Monishajit

    This blog is amazing. My mom had a flight on the 27th of June. She would return on July 29th. Her passport expired August 30th of this year. She went to check in on 5/29 and when they scanned her passport they rejected her because apparently your passport has to be valid for another 6 months for you to board the plane. Her trip had to be postponed, and she had to reschedule it for the next week, 6/3 all with a $600 rescheduling fee. 
    She came home and told me the story. I looked frantically all over the web to find a one day service, and almost payed $400 for some rush mail in service. I had seen this blog on the search results but ignored it since it was “just a blog”. But then later I read this and breathed a sigh of relief! I called the place but unfortunately the only appt. they had would be for June 9th…and her flight was the  3rd. So then I chose the option where you could talk to someone instead of the automated appt. service and was able to get one for  6/2, the day before the flight! We went over to SF with the appt. and were able to get the passport for just 170. All appts are at 9 and the pick up time is 3.

  • Monishajit

    A school ID, work ID maybe, old passport (which is what we used along with the drivers license)

  • davenaff

    Wow, that’s awesome. I’m glad it worked out!

  • Shawnw108

    can any one answer this for me!!! can i get a passport with back child support. and i just got off parole.

  • AnthonyO.

    Does the 14 day til travel applies to the day of the appointment or the day you call to schedule one?

  • jennydee

    Thank you SO much for this blog!  I can’t begin to describe how much it’s helped with both logistics and just to relieve my anxiety.  At first, I was very weary about following advice from an unofficial website, but after reading through dozens of people’s stories, I gained more confidence.  I’d like to share my story, since it’s looks like you need more experience from Tucson.

    This Thursday (tomorrow!), I’m going to Tokyo and Seoul, flying out of San Diego.  On Tuesday night (last night, yikes), I finally decided to pack and get my travel stuff in order.  I couldn’t find my passport anywhere.  Turns out, I had left it in a scanner at Kinkos over two months ago.  I called them, and they said they returned it to the government agency, also two months ago.  How I didn’t notice, I have no idea!

    I started to Google “how to get a passport in one day,” and thankfully this site came up!  How lucky (and random) was I to have a passport office right here in Tucson, AZ!  Well, the office, called the “Western Passport Center” was on the far east side of town.  I called the automated appointment line that night and was able to get an appointment for 9:30 am the next morning.

    That night, I went to Kinkos to get my passport pic taken for $15 around 10 pm.  I called Walgreens, and they also said their photo facilities were open 24 hours.  I filled out the DS-11 form online and printed it out beforehand (highly recommended — it saved a lot of time!).  I also printed my travel confirmation email from the airline.

    Unfortunately, I had neither my birth certificate nor my previous passports.  I wasn’t too comfortable paying $60 for them to do “research” on me, so I went to the Pima Health Department on Kino and Ajo at 8:00 am and got my birth certificate (I’m AZ born, but not Pima County) for $15.  The process took a matter of minutes.

    Today (Wednesday), I got there at 9:20 (it’s tucked away behind a Wal-Mart … so random, but the facility is legitimate).  Security guards checked my confirmation number and waved me through.  They sounded pretty strict about no cell phones or food in there.  But no matter, because there were only a few people in there.  I was out by 9:50 am.  They offered it to be completed by noon, but I had to go back to work, so they bumped my pickup until 2 pm.

    I arrived at 1:45 and they promptly called my name, passport in hand!  The office was wonderful and helpful and not crowded at all.  It cost $195 total.  And now, I’m driving to San Diego and off to Asia tomorrow morning.

    Thanks again for all the information and confidence that this blog provided me.  This is a great and credible resource!  Don’t doubt it for one second!

  • Maryann3422

    can you get a passport at the age of 17 when your about to turn 18 in july and its june right now but the end of june? and you go to any post office to get this done?

  • davenaff

    This was an awesome and helpful story! Thanks a ton for sharing.

  • COTraveler

    I made an appointment at the Denver office on a Thursday afternoon for Friday morning.  I went to the office with my photos and all documentation, quickly confirmed the form I needed for a name change, and submitted everything by 10:30 am.  When I returned as specified at 2 pm, my new passport was ready.  Initially I almost paid nearly $350 to an online broker, and they told me they wouldn’t be able to get my passport this quickly–but they did tell me about the regional office/1-day passport possibility, and when I didn’t believe it I searched online and found this blog which helped alleviate my anxiety.  The cost for me was $100 for the new passport + $60 expedited fee–much less than online.  I wanted to add my comments so that other people know it IS possible to do a 1-day passport if you are lucky enough to live in one of the regional passport office cities.

  • Ashep

    Just thought I would share my experience of today, to help others.  My son’s passport expired and we missed our flight  to the Bahamas on Saturday (today is Monday).  Yesterday I took care of all the forms and letters and such that I needed, but could not get an appointment on line until 10 days from now.  So today we arrived at the passport agency at 7:20 a.m., thinking we’d be nice and early….  There was already a line of about two dozen people.  That line grew by more than double by around 8:00 a.m.  Tripled by 9:00.  Other people who had appointments waited in another, much shorter line. They weeded out those who were not traveling today by looking at their proof of travel, and sent all others home with appointments for another day.  Those of us traveling today stayed in line, and by around noon were able to go upstairs in small groups.  Once there we stood in line to see the first window person, who made sure I had all the necessary documents and gave me a number.  Since I didn’t have an appointment, it was a long wait.  By around 2:00 they called my number and processed my documents…but unfortunately since it was so late in the day, I have to go back tomorrow at 2:00 to pick up my passport.  I asked if I had been here much earlier than 7:20, if I would have possibly got my passport today , and he said a firm “yes.”  I hope this helps someone else who needs a passport right away!!  My advice:  Arrive by 6:00 a.m. and be prepared to stand and wait and wait.  Bring a snack and a drink, a book, and maybe even a chair!  Good luck!

  • Ashep

    Edit: this last post refers to the Miami agency

  • davenaff

    Great, story thanks for sharing!

    What passport office was this at?

  • MITraveler

    We found out 5 days before leaving for a trip that my wife’s passport was expiring in 3 weeks.  We were scrambling over the weekend as to the options including use of expediter who were charging upwards of $225.   My wife came across this blog and after reading the comments we made an appointment for Monday monring at the Detroit Pasport Office.  We showed up 30 minutes before but we were called almost immediately.  The state deparment person at the counter was extremely nice and after verifying all the materials and paying the $170 fee ($110 for passport and $60 expedite fee),  she said we can pick up the passport at 3 PM.   The passport was ready that afternoon.  I really want to thank this blog for giviing us the confidence to go do this directly rather than going through online expediters.   I am sure the expediters are good  and useful if you don’t live close to a regional passport office.  Anyway a great experience at the Detroit office.

  • Michael

    First of all, this is a fantastic resource. But I hope you’ll update this to reflect that there is a center in Atlanta now–opened May 2011. I almost drove 10 hours to DC (20 RT) but found out about the Atlanta center and cut my drive time down to 4.5 hours (9 RT).

    I moved to a new house recently, and my passport disappeared during the move. I freaked out. I leave for a trip on July 26, but the quickest appointment I could get in DC was the 29th. I planned to just drive 10 hours and show up without an appointment, but then I discovered that the Atlanta office would do same-day passports. I called and was able to get an appointment for 10:30 am the next day. The passport center very centrally located in an office building in downtown Atlanta, and the part of town it’s in has nice hotels literally lining the streets (Sheraton, Westin, Ellis, etc) so my gf and I rented a room in a nice hotel and made a mini vacation out of it. The hotel we were in was literally a 5 minute walk to the office. Even though my appointment was at 10:30, I was concerned about not getting it the same day, so I went at 8:10, right after it opened. (The hours are 8am-3pm, M-F).

    The office is on the 10th floor. Get off the elevators and turn left. You must go through a metal detector and have your bag scanned. They asked for your confirmation number (they didn’t check it against anything, just checked to see if you had one), passport pictures, and proof of travel. Then the bag was screened, and once its contents were cleared, you pass through a metal detector and can then go in the main office. Everyone there had an appointment so I’m not sure how they handled it for people who didn’t. Everyone stood in a line, and when it was your turn, you went to one of the two windows checking paperwork. They asked my appointment time and I was a bit concerned they’d tell me to wait till 10:30, but they didn’t even bat an eye. I was fully checked in and given a number by 8:23 (the time printed at the bottom of my ticket). My number was A-15 so I suppose 14 sets of people checked in before me.

    When it was my turn I got to the window, she checked everything, and I paid. I asked if I would be able to get it later that day and she said no because there were so many people leaving the next day. She said it would have to be fed-exed first thing Monday morning for overnight. I was freaking out a bit, but finally convinced her I needed to have it the same day to avoid the chance it wouldn’t get there before my flight and to save me a 9 hour round trip. I was handed a receipt and told to return at 2, but that I would probably end up having to wait till 3.

    I showed up at 1:45, and if you don’t need same-day service, this might be the best time to go! The waiting room was basically empty. There were only 2 people waiting. I went to the special window to pick up my passport, and it was already ready. So amazing! I just went right up to the window because there was no one in front of me, but a short line formed behind me and a man came up and asked everyone for their receipts and told them to sit and they would bring them the passports so there wouldn’t be a line, so I guess this process can vary.

    Anyway, amazing experience, super friendly and helpful employees there, and I imagine singnificantly less busy than other centers. But please update the site to include Atlanta!

  • Drmoonshine

    I have an appointment on Friday at the Seattle Passport Authority. We are driving to Canada later that day, hopefully. Any feedback about the Seattle office? I didn’t see the Seattle office listed in the links below.

    [email protected]@gmail:disqus .com

  • Mymoneyyy

    i went to the passport office today & the lady told me that i couldnt get my passport till monday at 2:00pm problem is my flight is at 2:15pm if i get up at 8:00am and go down town do you think my passport would be ready then or is my money going to be waisted ? :(

  • davenaff

    Michael, This is awesome.

    Thanks for sharing the info. It is now the first post on the new Atlanta page!

  • Mikerusso85

    Is the LA office open on Saturdays????

  • Pattiboba

    I followed your advise and made an appt at the western passport center in tucson.  I had all my paperwork and traveled from Phoenix.  My flight to Japan ws in 48 hours and my passport had expired 3 weeks prior.  What a great office.  Good to see our tax dollars going to good use!  They were quick and efficient, I had my passport by noon on the same day.  (normal time is 2 pm, but since I had a 9am appt and wwas from out of town, they rushed it). You saved me alot of worry and stress nd just wanted to pass on that it worked perfectly!

  • Cyrak

    First of all, I have to say how helpful this blog was, and everyone was 100% right – it is very simple and easy. I just wanted to post my experience, because even after reading all the responses, I still had several questions, and thought I would clear those up for others.

    Some background: My mother and I live in the Seattle area. I wanted to surprise her with a trip to Victoria, Canada for Labor Day weekend. I bought tickets for the Victoria Clipper, and made reservations at a couple B&B’s. It never even occurred to me that she might not have a passport. Well, she didn’t, and the tickets and reservations were non-refundable. At that point, it was only ten days before Labor Day weekend. I started frantically searching the internet for a way to get a passport quickly, and came across the US DOS website, and this blog. We immediately called the hotline and got an appointment for Thursday, August 24th, at 8:30am. My mother works at a pharmacy, and it is hard for her to get time off, so we needed to get this done as early as possible, so she could get back to work.

    They gave us a confirmation number, and the automated system listed the things required:

    1) Birth certificate (or other proof of citizenship)
    2) Photo ID (such as driver’s license)
    3) Two passport photos (2 inches square, rules listed on the DOS website)
    4) Proof of travel
    5) Method of payment for fees

    Our main question was whether or not the Booking Confirmation from Victoria Clipper would be sufficient proof of travel. My mom went to the Post Office near her work to get the passport photos taken, which cost $15.

    Then we discovered an even bigger problem – my mother keeps her birth certificate in a small safe in her house. She has opened it with no trouble at all for years, but of course, it picks this time to not open. No matter what we tried, it wouldn’t budge. By this time, it was the evening of the day before our appointment, and everything was closed. We stayed up until 1am, waiting for the locksmith to come, and after looking at it, they told us it would be between $200 and $900 to drill the lock, which would also ruin the expensive safe. If we had known that, we never would have called them! As soon as we woke up the next morning, we called Sentry, who informed us that we would need to have a form notarized stating that she was the owner of the safe, and then fax it back to them. Then they would email us the combination within two hours. We spent the next hour running around like crazy, notarizing, faxing, etc. Of course, we had to take the safe with us to the passport appointment, because we were running out of time. Those suckers are heavy!! It took both of us to load it into my van, and we raced off to the appointment, still waiting for the email from Sentry…

    SO! With that, I give you our experience with same day passports:

    The Regional Passport Office for Seattle is located at 300 5th Ave, Suite 600, Seattle, WA. If you arrive early (they open at 8am, but we got there around 8:20), you may be able to park on the street almost right in front of the building. It is meter parking, and there are about ten or twelve spots including the ones across the street (it’s a one way street).

    First we went through Security – make sure you leave your pocket knives at home or in the car! It is just like airport security. Elevator up to the 6th floor, the office is to the left. When we arrived at about 8:30, there were maybe one or two people there. No “lines”, just a waiting room with chairs like the DMV. There are a couple security guards who are very nice, and point you in the right direction. We had intended to fill out the DS-11 ahead of time, which you can do on the DOS website, but we were so stressed about the safe we forgot. No worries, they have them there, though I would recommend doing it ahead of time if you can, as others come in ahead of you while you are filling it out. We went up to the check in window on the left, and the girl was very nice and helpful. She asked for our confirmation number, but of course we forgot that, too, so she just looked it up with the last four of my mother’s SS number. We explained the ridiculous situation about the birth certificate and the safe (which was sitting in my van – still no email from Sentry), and asked her what she recommended. She immediately suggested that we simply go down to the Vital Records Office four blocks down and get a new one.

    THIS IS VALUABLE INFORMATION!! The Vital Records Office in Seattle is at 908 Jefferson St, on the 2nd floor, about two minutes drive from the Passport Office!! At 8:45am, there wasn’t a single person waiting, and they were also very nice. My mom simply filled out a short form, showed her driver’s license, paid the $20 fee (cash or check only), and less than five minutes later, we were walking out with her birth certificate!!

    Another couple minutes drive and we were back at the Passport Office (lost our parking spot in front of the building, though – just parked on the cross street). At exactly 9:07am, we were giving the paperwork, photos, etc. to the nice lady at check in. She never even blinked at the Booking Confirmation from Victoria Clipper, so NO, your proof of travel does not have to be an airline itinerary, nor does it have to be an emergency. Can’t speak to hotel reservations, but they did not seem to care that much about it, nor even that you were traveling in exactly less than two weeks. My advice is to just hand over whatever you have, and if they question it, then cross that bridge. Otherwise, you should be fine.

    She organized all the paperwork and gave us a number. We were A27, and they were currently serving A20. We took a seat, and I barely had time to run to the bathroom (there are nice ones right around the corner, with drinking fountains), and they called us up at exactly 9:25. This lady was also very nice, and only asked a couple of questions – one was if my mother had just renewed her driver’s license (which she had, and seemed to be a small issue, though she let it go, and I never was clear why it mattered), and also asked to see my mother’s work badge, which she had left in the car, so she let that go too. She had my mother take an oath (hand raised) that everything on the form was true, and that the photo was of her, and then sign the form in front of her. DO NOT SIGN THE FORM UNTIL THIS POINT! They need to witness you doing it. Then she asked for payment, which was $195. They take credit, debit, check, or exact change. I used my debit card to pay for it.

    That was it! Since we were not leaving that day, the lady told us that the passport would be ready Monday (August 29) at 2pm. Because my mother has such a hard time getting off work, we asked if it would be ok if I picked it up for her. She said yes, no problem. She printed out a receipt-like form which authorizes me to pick it up, and had my mother sign, print, and write my name in the blank. She said I will need to bring that with me when I come to pick up the passport.

    We walked out at 9:30am, and my mother was back at work in Edmonds by 10:15. I may add an update once I pick up the passport, but I don’t foresee there being any problems. All in all, one of the most efficiently run government offices I’ve ever seen, and a very pleasant experience.

    So maybe we can have a Seattle link now??  :)

  • davenaff

    Absolutely adding a Seattle page now!

    Great, detailed writeup – thanks a ton for taking the time!

  • Laurali624

    Your post was sooo helpful to me tonight. Thank you for taking the time to put it out there!! Happy travels :-)

  • Eric from suburban Boston

    Terrific advice.  Dave’s outline was perfectly accurate, and we resolved our passport crisis between 10:30 AM (earlier available time) and 4:00 PM.   This was in the Boston office (Causeway St), where the staff was exceedingly understanding and helpful.  If you find yourself in a pickle like this, stay calm and follow the instructions here.

  • Kate

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! You saved me. I had a valid passport, but it was expiring in 3 weeks. I am heading to the Netherlands and the UK for work in 5 days (counting Thanksgiving) and hadn’t had time to get a new one because I’ve been traveling so much lately. Turns out, I would have been fine in the UK, but likely would not have been allowed in the Netherlands, which has a 3-month validity rule. 

    Thanks to your advice, which I found last night, I made an appointment at the Regional Passport Office in Hot Springs, Ark. No problem getting an appointment the night before through the automated system. This morning I drove the 3.5 hours from where I am staying with family in Memphis. I showed up this morning, turned everything in, paid the fees, came back 3 hours later and got my passport. I was so relieved I got teary-eyed. 

    Thank you for posting this. I never would have known that same-day service was even possible. And thanks to the great folks at the Hot Springs office. They were super friendly and super helpful. 

  • Debbie from CT

    Wonderful web site.  However, you can only make an appointment for same day passports if your flight is within 14 days.  If it is outside the 14 days, you will have to go to a regional passport office and pay for expedited service.  It will take 2-3 weeks to get your passport by mail.

  • Greg A

    Thank you so much!  I live in Seattle and was paying through the roof ($358 + $170!) for an online agency till I found your blog.  Man did it save me.  I still lost $100 to the expediting service but saved $258 plus a huge headache.  
    I had plans to go to Puerto Vallarta with my girlfriend and was checking in the day before (a Sunday) when I discovered my passport had expired.  I panicked–bad move–and picked the first or second paid site that google offered for expedited service.  That “24 hour” service would have gotten me the passport on Wednesday had everything gone PERFECTLY, and who knows about that.
    Later that night I came back and found your blog.  I made an appointment at the regional passport center for Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. (the earliest offered).  I had all my stuff together (pictures, forms, etc) and decided to show up Monday morning when they opened to see if I could get lucky.  I was there at 8 a.m. and speaking to someone by 8:30.  

    The catch in all this was that I did not know when to re-book the travel itinerary because I was not certain that I could get a same day passport (only very hopeful).  The thing is that they will not give you same day service unless you have travel itinerary that states the need (i.e. leaving the next day or that evening).
    The man helping me was kind enough to let me walk out of there and call the airlines to re-book the ticket (I could not afford to take chances on this–I only had one shot to get the travel dates right because it is very pricey).  I could have booked a Tuesday flight had I the extra extra money to throw down, but I only had extra money and had to suffice with booking a Wednesday morning flight.  I could have gotten same day service had I booked the Tuesday flight; as it is I am picking the passport up on Tuesday for the Wednesday morning flight.

    Thanks so very much for sharing your experience.  It really saved my vacation and my girlfriends as well, who is waiting for me down in Puerto Vallarta as I write this.  Deeply appreciated,

    Greg A, Seattle 

  • davenaff

    Awesome, super glad it worked out! Thanks for sharing the story.

  • Johanny Matos

    just appoinment is this friday in miami reginal office, the only thing that im worried about is the fact that my appmt is at 12:00…i live 4 hours from miami….should i be there way before 12: please help me, point me to the right direction thanx….

  • A Very Relieved Girl

    Thank you so so so much for this blog and thank you to all of the wonderful people who have commented!  I realized at 2am — before a 6am flight — that my passport was expired.  I was hysterical given the amount of time and planning that had gone into this trip — and thinking about our friends who were already there waiting for us — was just too much!  We had called the Regional Passport Office in Philadelphia and could only get an appointment on Thursday (and were scheduled to leave on Tuesday).  We changed our flights (to the tune of $450) and I was wondering whether it was even worth it to go on the trip for what would amount to being a long weekend.  Then I stumbled across this blog and found hope.  I decided to gather up all my info and show up at the Philly office before it opened on Tuesday. At which point I realized that my license was missing. After a mad dash trying to find it, I found an expired one and my birth certificate and just hoped that if I could give them a ton of info I could talk my way into it.  We found an all-night CVS and were outside the Passport office at the Customs House at 7:30 am.  We were the second people in line and within 15 minutes there were at least 10 more people behind us. Everyone had their own tale of woe and although I was still really upset, at least I realized I wasn’t the only one.  Some had appointments for that day(although all that i talked to had much later appointments than 8am) and some (like me) had no appointments.  Around 7:50, a security guard came outside and told us very strict rules for how to enter the building, where to stand, how to go through the metal detectors, etc.  He must have said 5 times that you had to have a valid , unexpired state ID.  I had my expired license and about 5 years worth of PA Attorney Licenses (with no photo) and hoped that’d do it.  When I got up to the security guy inside who checked IDs, he seemed a little confused about the ID, but bc it was state-issued, let me in.  Then we had to wait outside the actual doors of the passport office until they let us in.  By this time it was about 8 and there were approximately 15 people behind me.  They finally opened the doors, and confirmed before letting you in that you had your travel itinerary and asked whether you were renewing or getting a new one.  They pointed everyone to the forms to fill out and then let you get back in line when it was finished.  Within 10 mins I was talking to the passport agent.  He didn’t ask for any ID, but did have a slight issue with my itinerary information.  We are going to the BVI and meeting friends who rented a sailboat, but are getting there through the USVI.  The only thing we had to prove that we were going abroad was the charter contract for the boat,which stated that it began at 12 noon on that day.  He told me that he didnt consider it same day travel because even if he had given me my passport on the spot, we would have missed the noon charter time.  It took me a bit to explain that we were never going to make a noon departure and that our friends were picking us up whenever we got there.  Then he was confused because I gave him the itinerary for our re-scheduled flight for the 30th.  I tried to explain that I didn’t book a new one for today because I didn’t know whether I’d get a passport today but that if I got my passport, we were switching to either a same day flight or one laeving before the passport office opened the next day.  Finally he said he’d give it to me but not before noon.  I told him that was fine.  He also was ok with me coming before my appt time and just cancelled the one i had scheduled for the next day.

    From there on it was smooth sailing.  Waited another few minutes to pay and check out, and was out by 8:30.  Came back at noon and had my new passport in hand by 12:30. 

    Two other things to note — the guy in front of me didn’t have itinerary information and didn’t seem to understand what the passport guy was requesting.  So the passport guy just asked him to hand write a statement listing his plans.  So you may be able to get away with no itinerary if you are nice :)  Also, if you end up with an unexpired license, there is  place only a few blocks away that will give you a new one quickly (told to me by one of the security guys who said they had turned away others for no license but that they were ableto get new ones printed almost on the spot).

  • davenaff

    Awesome story and great details. I hadn’t heard the hand-written itinerary solution before – I’m sure that will come in handy to others.


  • JB

    Debbie, what if you do not have a flight scheduled but you want to do it in person anyway?  My wife is a naturalized citizen and does not feel comfortable sending her only copy of the naturalization paperwork off…

  • Ladydrummond

    Dear JESUS! Thank you Dave for simplifying this mess! I have gone from one place to the other online and just got more and more confused trying to understand “how to get a passport”  … couple that with my husband’s constant calls pressuring me whether acquiring the passports have been done yet (!) and my stress level is akin to someone in an airplane knowing they are about to crash! :) I don’t know WHY you decided to blog on this subject, but THANK GOD that you did! Thank you so much.
    One Less Crazy Lady In Mississippi Today ^_^

  • Cate NYC

    I have looked everywhere on the internet for the answer to my particular quandary, and this seems to be the most helpful space I have found so far!  I have also scrolled through many of the comments and still aven’t found the answer, so wonder if anyone out there can help me?
    Thank you to anyone who could clarify this point for me!

  • Clark from CO

    Going through this experience now and wanted to ask a question (hoping someone might see it soon). I am supposed to fly to Costa Rica on Monday (well, it was supposed to be this morning, but now its Monday) and there is a flight that departs Dallas (where I have my appointment) at 12:20pm. My appointment is at 8:30. Is there any chance I can have it done quickly enough to make that flight? 

  • Clark from CO

    Thanks so much for this info – what an amazing resource. Here are a couple quick lessons learned from my recent experience that seem noteworthy. The most important thing to note – because it was a question I had and couldn’t sort out, was just how quickly it could be done (getting the same day) if everything else lined up right (have appointment, arrive early, etc). What I found, at least for the Dallas office, is that it can be done in 2 hours (actually, a tad less). 

    Background: I was packing to go to on a week long trip to Costa Rica when I realized my passport was expired. It was 6pm on Friday night (passport offices closed until Monday) and my flight was the next day at 6AM. So, I canceled that flight but since I used miles to book it I was able to rebook at no added cost. It was only a week long vacation and the earliest I could get there would be Monday since that was the soonest that the regional passport offices would be open.

    So, I rebooked my flight for Monday, but the latest flight time I could get and still arrive in Costa Rica that day (rather than spending a night in Miami) was at 12:20. So, i made the gamble that I could get in, get the paperwork done, get the passport and get to the airport in time to catch the flight.

    If not for this blog I never would have thought it remotely possible. However, reading other posts on here I also got the sense that most of the time in people don’t actually get their passport until early afternoon and that is if everything goes well. And somewhere here I saw that it takes s minimum of 3-5 hours to make the passport. So, I didn’t think I had a chance, but I gave it a shot. I arrived early for my appointment, which was at 8:30 in Dallas, and was the first person they let in when the doors open. I handed over my paperwork and was done by 8:15. I told them I was under a super tight timeline (clarifying several times that I had a flight at 12:20) and they said they would get me there.

    They sent me away while they did the background check (which is part of every application they process) and called me back up to the window in about an hour. I was out the door with passport in hand before 10AM.

    Thanks again for the great info.  

  • davenaff

    Awesome, glad it worked out! Thanks for the super-detailed note – extremely helpful!

  • Lakisha

    Hello Dave, how are you? Well I was just reading your post, and some of the posts of some others, and I am quite ignorant when it comes to anything to do with the subject, so the reason I am contacting you is because my daughter is in Italy, and I am in Florida, she will be having a baby in September, and I would love to be there around that time to see my first grand-child enter the world, but I know nothing about passports, airline tickets, or what to do to get them. I have never flown, because I truly am terrified of planes, but afterall this is a huge event. Can you give me any advice on getting to Italy by September? Thanks in advance.

  • Lesson learn

    I’m traveling tomorrow (Monday) and just found out that my passport expired. Since it’s an early flight, there is no way I can renew my passport before 6am. I saw this site, and called the number for one of the agency here in CT and got an appointment at 11:30 am. After reading some of these blogs, I’m gonna be there by 8 am and hopefully can take care of this right away. I also went to my local CVS to get 2 photos. My wife and I had to reschedule our flight for Tuesday and another $600. Needless to say, my wife is not happy. I thought I was the only one that didn’t check the passport before leaving U.S. and so glad I found this site to help me out. Thanks and wish me luck tomorrow.

  • Laf2282

    Thank you for the info. We had to get a same day passport in Dallas. We were denied boarding on Saturday. We made an appointment or 10 am Monday. We arrived at 845 just to see if they would let is in early. We had all of our documents prepared and in order before we got there. They had our paperwork processed by 930. They told us it would be ready at 1130 but we could come back a little earlier for the possibility it was done sooner. We were back at 1030 and it was ready for us at 1045. Incredibly nice employees (never thought I would say that about government workers). Cost was $195.

  • Judithg77

    It is so easy to get a passport without having an appointment in NY. I was there at 7:00 am. You only need to prove that you are traveling in less than fifteen days. I went in person and got it the next day at 10:00 am. Just make sure that you bring all the documents and get there very early. I only paid $165.

  • RB 7878

    Went to Washington DC for my passport – same day. Arrived at 8:00AM had my passport by 2:00PM on the same day. Every employee at this center was helpful and fantastic. Nothing more to say.

  • Denise from TX

    If I have custody of my 15yr old daughter (and am remarried) and want to apply for a passport for her (we are considering a cruise for the 3 of us) do I have to have her father’s “ok” or is her step-father’s letter of approval enough?

  • Westwood

    Just followed this method to the letter and got my passport from San Francisco. Pretty straight forward but time consuming, but since you’re getting a same day passport it’s definitely worth it. Sign up for an appointment but come as early as possible, as the appointments don’t mean anything and are just a way to buffer people all coming at the same time. Everyone waits in one big line like the DMV and all of the passports are released at exactly 3.

  • Julie

    What if you are driving to Mexico and don’t have proof of travel? My son needs to be in Mexico this Friday but not sure what proof I can provide to get his passport. His current passport is expired. I don’t want to drive all the way to Houston only to be turned away. Help.

  • Desperate

    While getting ready to leave for London on Tuesday my wife checked our son’s passport expiration date and found in had expired in April. I called the Boston passport office and found that the earliest appointment is not until after we are scheduled to leave. If we just go to this office with all of the necessary paperwork and photo, would they try to fit us in? Or are we screwed?

  • davenaff

    Some people have had luck doing that. If you try it, please let us know how it goes.

  • Stephen JM

    I have an appointment for 10:30am
    on Friday 7/26 at the Philly location. Will I be able to arrive around
    10am and be able to meet with an agent as I scheduled an appointment
    via the telephonic system or has it been everyone’s experience and
    advice for me to show up at 7am and be seen for 8?

    10:30am was the first appointment date and time I was able to get. I
    leave for travel to Canada (via car) on August 1st and plan to print out
    my hotel reservation via email confirmation. Does anyone have any
    additional suggestions for me based on their experience.

    The reason I have to apply is because I did not realize until this
    past Thursday that my passport was lost during Hurricane Sandy. I was
    able to save all my other important documentation (BC, SS card, etc) and
    incorrectly assumed my passport was with those documents in a
    watertight protector. I plan on bringing the D-11 filled out as well as
    the lost passport form completed and already have the long form Birth
    certificate as well as two pictures (one stapled to the D-11


    Thank you for addressing the issue of having to visit a passport office and providing some peace of mind for travelers.

  • Brie

    CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!! 4am on Sunday, I realized my passport had expired and we were flying to Mexico that morning!!! We tried to call several “express” passport companies but thankfully they were all closed!
    Found your blog that morning and was very skeptical to say the least but we called the number you listed and actually got an appt. at the Dallas Regional Passport office – unfortunately it was for Tuesday – the day we had rescheduled the flights for! Praying that I could beg and plead with the passport people for an earlier appt, I drove to Dallas and showed up Monday at the office at 7am (opens at 8). There was no need to beg!
    We went through security and they informed us that we could go up to the 11th floor at 7:50 so we went at 7:30 :) and talked to several other families waiting in the hall that were all in the same boat. Some had flights leaving out that day!
    At 7:45 they had us form a line and let us into the waiting area – anyone with an 8am appt got seen right away but by 8:15 everyone else (about 20 of us at that point) were allowed to get in line. I had my drivers license, passport photo, completed paperwork, travel itinerary, credit card and expired passport all ready so it took literally 3-4 min at the first window.
    She gave me a number, I sat and waited for 10 min until my number was called. At the next window I submitted the paperwork and documents; paid and was told to come back between 2-3pm to pick up my new passport! I was out of there by 8:30!!!
    We came back and I picked up my passport at 1:40pm!
    Total cost: $170 plus $10 for parking
    You completely saved my trip with this information and well over $400!!!
    Not only that, my faith in our federal services was restored! Everyone there was kind, efficient and helpful! JUST…WOW!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!
    P.S. – got my passport pics done at Walgreens on Sunday $11.99

  • davenaff

    Wow, great! Thanks for sharing

  • I Hate USPS

    I’m very busy, but I’m writing this to save someone else a lot of heartache and worry.


    This is the second time this has happened to me. First time was with either my wife’s or my passport, and now the second time with my daughter’s passport.

    For some reason, (I suspect either because USPS does not mind gypping and lying when it comes to other agencies’ mail delivery [are they going to file for a guarantee refund? NO!], or because USPS employees love ruining other peoples’ international vacations, or USPS cannot handle overnight deliveries), USPS Tracking showed that my passport was delivered on 10/7/2013 via USPS Priority Express 1-Day. This was an absolute lie. The passport CARD showed up on 10/9/2013, as did the original birth certificate. However, the actual passport did not show up until 10/16/2013 (today), even though it was supposedly fake-delivered to me on 10/7.

    If you do not want to wait a whole extra week for your passport to arrive, do yourself a favor and just sign up for the regular mailing of your passport. Save the $12.85 and paradoxically your passport will arrive quicker.

    If you’re wondering why I made the same mistake twice, I was lied to and told that I must buy the $12.85 overnight delivery if I wanted to pay the $60.00 expedite fee.

    There should be an investigation into the practice of fake-delivering passports and them showing up a week+ after. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • Jay

    Hello I’m looking into getting a same day passport in Philadelphia. Does this location do this in one day? I leave out for vacation next week

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  • Charlie Kelly

    We are one of the leading passport expediting agencies and we always tell people that their first option should be a Regional Passport Agency:

    If that doesn’t work, then we can help secure a passport in 24 hours if necessary. It does come at an additional cost, so we recommend exhausting all options first. The same day passport is extremely tricky, but this was a well put together piece. Thanks for offering helpful info!!!

  • ColoradoMan

    Just visited the Colorado Passport office to renew my expired passport. Stupidly I did not check my passport until saturday night, the day before my flight to Cancun… It was expired by 7 days. I felt like an idiot. Unfortunately I had not checked 25 hours earlier because the colorado office did a special Saturday, and were open… This is not a usual occurrence, but it was clearly scheduled on their website.

    Sunday I took my girlfriend and my some of my friends to the airport to go to cancun (a big planned vacation with friends) and then went to the office on sunday just to see where it was, which was reasonably close to the airport in a very nice business park. I was able to enter the building and go to the 6th floor and look in the window and see. I had called saturday to schedule an appointment and was given one on tuesday at 8:30, but I went first thing monday morning. I got there at 7:30 and was second in line, they opened the doors at 7:45 and we went through the metal detector and waited in line till 8 for the booth to open (the line was a dozen people long at 8) The person behind the counter inspected my paperwork, made sure I had photos, and my travel itinerary (showing my Saturday flight) she gave me a number, I was second in line. Within minutes I was being helped. since I was traveling very soon, I was able to get my passport in 3 hours. HOWEVER, the guy ahead of me had flown in from out of state to visit the office, and was told he would get his in 1 hour!

    Overall I was shocked, all the reports of nice staff are absolutely true! it only cost me $170 and I had my passport in mere hours, and they took CREDIT CARDS! a first for a government office.

    -Make an appointment
    -Go ASAP anyway…
    -HAVE ALL YOUR PAPERWORK (DS-11 or DS-82), Pictures[I went to kinkos], and birth certificate (if needed), and previous passport (if applicable) and be nice, the staff are great, and very helpful!
    -You can use your cellphone/iPad/tablet as long as you are not talking or making noise. There is a little sign saying you can use them as long as you are not making noise. I barely had time to even look at my phone I was helped so fast, but if you aren’t second in line there will be some waiting. they had about 5 people at counters, so it was moving quickly.

    I never thought I would have such a great experience in a government office.

  • ash

    I am leaving in exactly two weeks and live extremely far from the nearest agency which is Washington DC..will they give me a passport the same day?

  • Curt

    does anyone know if this is still the way it’s done in 2015?

  • davenaff

    Yes, it appears to be the case.

  • Aron

    I have a question. I submitted my renew passport on February 20, it was a routine service. I tracked it and it states that it is being processed. I called and they said they can expedite it but not sure if it can be done. Can I go to a agency? Any suggestions on how I can obtain my passport quickly?
    Thank You

  • Amiee Kenney

    This is the most helpful site regarding getting an emergency passport I’ve come across! !! Thank you Dave !!! I may take an overseas job (not sure if it will come through or not) and as I can’t afford to waste $195 on the chance it may never be needed, I have been agonizing over my need to obtain a passport and the very real possibility that I will have less than two weeks to make that happen. After reading your blog, I can finally breathe easier!!! Again, Dave you rock !!!!!!

  • Bianca

    I have a question. I applied for my passport on May 30th and didn’t apply expediate because the lady told me that I had more then enough time to get my passport (first time passport applicant) however my travel is in 2 weeks and I still don’t have a passport. I track online and it tells me it still in process. I called and the passport people are no help they can’t give me a date and don’t really tell me much. If I already have a passport being made and it gets to the point to where I don’t have a choice but to go to the agency days before my travel can I get one made there and then. Even if I have to pay all over again and have one on the way? I can’t miss my flight I don’t want to this trip is a promise trip I made for my mom who passed from cancer and being a college student it was a expensive trip already. If the agency takes my application (if it comes to that) what would happen with the passport that I already paid for? I would appreciate any advice and tips and suggestion or words that would help me relax. I am loosing sleep freaking out.

  • davenaff

    Interesting situation – I’m pretty sure you can get a passport close to same day if you follow the procedures. I’m pretty sure you also have to pay all new fees. I don’t know what happens to the original application, but I imagine you’d still be able to travel regardless. Good luck, let us know how it works out!

  • Zhenya

    Hello, would you happen to know if it still works the same way in NYC – show up early in the morning and get same day passport?
    Thank you

  • JB

    I just got my passport through a company for a 5 to 7 business day service. It cost about $400 ($170 was government fees which I verified via a government website). Even though it was really pricey, it was convenient enough (I still had to go to a passport office to take the pledge and get the documents sealed).

  • Karen

    I applied at my local Post Office and filled out a specific form for a passport name change because of marriage. The Post Office told me because I was married less than a year and notified the Passport Office I did not have to pay the $110 renewal fee. However, because my old passport is four years old, the Passport Office rejected my form. They did something I’m upset about though. They returned my marriage certificate and old passport with a set of renewal forms, but did not return my new photo or the forms I sent them with all my personal information. Just a letter telling me they rejected my application because I didn’t include the $110 fee. Now, where is my application form I did send them and where is my photo? This is serious, because if those documents are not in a safe place I’m now subject to become a victim of fraud if someone bad gets my information. They should have sent EVERYTHING back to me I sent to them. Anyone out there that can help?

  • MM

    Had a great experience with the San Diego passport agency last week, was able to expedite my passport by showing up at 8AM on a Tuesday, walked away in less than an hour, and was told to pick up my passport Thursday afternoon. I did have to show proof of travel, so I had to purchase my plane tickets without knowing for sure if the passport renewal would go through in time. But there was no problem, they didn’t question or hassle, easy and smooth. Did my passport pick up Friday 8AM and was out in 20 minutes.

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