“Data Service Provider for Google”

Business by on July 11, 2011 at 8:29 pm

I received this awesome voicemail on my BrandVerity Google Voice number:

The Google Voice transcription wasn’t usable, so I did a quick transcription myself. You do really have to listen it to appreciate it though:

Hi this is Roberts, Data Service Provider for Google. I wanted to give you guys a call, we’ve got a pretty good opportunity in your marketplace. We’ve got some positions that opened up on the search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing and wanted to see if there’s any interest as far as improving your ranking on the search engines. When you get a couple of minutes give me a call. Phone number here is 800 219 6018…
I’ve fielded plenty of snakeoil SEO pitches before, but this one receives particularly high marks.
  • Msdesynrchk

    I got the exact same voicemail, verbatim… You know it’s spam when they’re so vague “…your marketplace.” Oh really, remind me, what is my marketplace? The number he left me was 800-219-5514.
    –Thanks for the post.

    • The thing is that I can totally see some small businesses falling for a
      pitch like this…

      Thanks for sharing the phone number. That will help future searchers.

      • Krizteen

        The number I was given was 866-976-5477

        • I have been getting the same message from an Aaron and the number was 866-976-5477.  

          • Newportress

            I recieved the same message and number as you Dr T.  I ignored it.  Newport, RI

          • Fred Flintstone

            Same number was left as Dr T and Krizteen. I have been getting about a dozen calls a week from various companies offering the same basic service.  I tell them all the same thing, “Please remove our number from your calling list immediately.  Thank you, good-bye.”  All without giving them a chance to get a word in.

          • Anonymous

            I was given 888-241-6004 from John Pearson – I find it laughable that they market themselves as a Data Service Provider from Google. Yeah, I’m sure Google is thrilled about that!

  • David

    Must be the new thing. Got a similar call myself yesterday but a different number. 800-229-2690. Same message verbatim.

  • Anonymous

    Same here: “Hi, this is John Pearson, data service provider for Google…”

    Caller ID 800-224-1002, asking to call 800-229-2690. At 8 PM on Sunday!

  • ComputerDoc

    Received the same message over the weekend:  “Hi, this is John Pearson, data service provider for Google…” 

    I “Googled” the callback number and it comes up as Jacob’s Engineering Group, a civil engineering firm that has apparently gone out of business.  When I actually called the number, it was answered as “Local Lighthouse”.

    What bothers me is that their message implies they are with Google, without actually saying so (“data service provider for Google”).  I guess that makes me a contributor to the local water treatment plant just because I took a leak, or a part of the financial services industry because I have a checking account.  

    I’ve had several small business customers call me (all excited), asking how to proceed when they get calls like that.  This company may be great at what they do, but the way they market is so deliberately misleading that I will refuse to do business with them and discourage anyone that will listen to avoid them as well.  If you have to be that obtuse in the beginning of a relationship, there is no room to develop trust.

    • This is just my opinion here, but a company that markets itself using such
      deceitful tactics is unlikely to provide a good service…

      • Brilliant

        If you build a site and put it on Google, are you “providing data” to that search engine? Hence the “data service provider for Google”. Notice they say “with Google” and not “for Google” . I’m sure the company says who they are when the customer calls.

        In any type of sales you have to differentiate yourself and I think it is a great pitch. If the company does get them on the first page, then Kudos to them. 

  • Just almost fell for this as well. Even called back to get more details, but failed to actually ask the company name … I just asked the details of the offer. $499 one-time registration fee, $299 month to month for placement. You are not tied down to any contract or length of time.

  • Thomasnpsr

    I received the same call, but from Darren.

  • Crystal Belk

    Just received the same call on my Google Voice number as well.  The person who called us was Darren….  Birmingham AL

  • Djc13210

    thanks so much for posting this, I googled “data service provider for google” and got this page – saved me a lot of time and effort! Mine was from Peter at 888-234-1081, the date today is 10/4/11

  • Brian Uhelski

    I received this call at least 5 times in the past 2 weeks.  WHen i finally did speak to the person, he flat out told me that they were the “primary data service provider for Google, ADP and Bank of America” and if I didn’t believe him I could go to their website and see the logo’s there for my self.  Oh, you have their corporate logos on your site??? Well, where’s my checkbook!  

    These guys are just BEGGING to be squashed.  I’ve tried to be patient, but I’m just sick of it.  Thanks for your blog. You’ve confirmed what I’ve suspected…that these guys are a total sham.  Someone give me the number for Google!  


  • Doug R.

    I have received several of these same calls at my home over the past 2 or 3 months.  Always I “press 2” to be removed from their list but the calls just keep on coming.  On the last call I pressed “one” and got put through to a person.  I started to explain what has been happening, the woman said something unintelligible and hung up on me.  Sounds like a real high-pressure, “how fast can you dial” boiler room operation.  FYI, my home number IS on the do not call list. 

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  • This is funny! I just received a called that followed this exact script! I even listened to it again while reading the script above……Not Interested! I’ve gotten myself on the 1st page of Google, thank you.

  • Ericolsen

    Just received the same spammy call. They claim to be aservice provider for Google.Sounds like they are using Google’s good name to acquire business. I hope Google is reading this posting and fires off a cease and desist to this company, as they are tarnishing Google’s good name.

  • Info

    Thought he said his name was Kevin.  Oh well.  IT calls me every stinking day!!!!  Now that we all know it is spammy call what can we do?  

  • Alan

    Marvin, Data Service Provider for Google, Yahoo, Bing.  We have an opening for your area and can put your company on the front page of…. 866-236-8675.
    Call came in at 832pm Tuesday. 
    Who calls at 8:30 at night?  

    • Alan

      Local Lighthouse, Tustin, CA

  • Ecam97

    I am a self employed contractor. I honestly get these calls at least twice a week, every week!  The latest company is Local Splash.  They PROMISED they can get me on the first page of Google and keep me there.  Of course their next request was for my credt card number!!  hahahahaha 

  • Angry Store Owner

    I called the number today and spoke to Kathleen (Head Supervisor, Yeah RIGHT). I told her that I want my number to be removed. She said I will personally walk this to the IT department and to have my number removed. Let me see how long this will last.

  • BusinessinPeoria

    Just received a voicemail from John Pearson with the exact message you all are describing below. I’m in Illinois. Looks like this company is still at it even though the postings I’m reading are from a couple of years ago. Glad I searched before calling back. Remember what your Mom taught you…If it sounds too good to be true, it probably be is.

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