Interesting, Cool and Useful – Feb 07

Cool by on February 17, 2007 at 8:42 am


  • Hard drive failure rates via Rahul Pathak: A summary of several studies that looked at the failure rates of hard drives in data centers. The primary determinant of failure rate? Manufacturer.
  • Pop Vs. Soda: A map of the US showing which dominates where: Pop, Soda or Coke. I didn’t know I live in Pop country now…
  • Inkless photo printer. Paper covered with 3 micro-thin layers that color at different rates when heated. Disruptive technology? Maybe, but at $2 a sheet, prices need to drop.
  • WSJ article on Top Contributors to Social Media (paid, unfortunately). The fascinating thing was how young the top contributors were. The top contributor on Reddit is 12.



Oh, and a friend just sent me this image, which I found just hilarious. I can’t say that the math completely makes sense, but we’ve all been at that point when trying to solve a complex equation:

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  • Sweet, I always wanted my own ‘make this my homepage’ link =). It looks like wordpress graciously handled the code. Does this work on blogger?

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